You’ve been getting dressed all designer reveals how to make a dressy outfit feel like you’re wearing PJs

WHEN it comes to dressing up, you’d probably think it’s pretty simple.

But there is actually a right way to do this that will increase your comfort level to the maximum.


Olivia Sacco gave her top tips to make sure you are going out with a stylish yet comfortable look

Stylist Olivia Sacco revealed her best fashion tricks by saying that you don’t need to feel awkward when dressing to impress.

The 27-year-old says: “Join the comfy club. There are so many ways to dress up now.

“It’s about looking good, but we want to feel as comfortable as possible and you don’t need to be home to feel it.

“You can go out for dinner or have a drink with your friends and feel like you’re wearing pajamas.”


Olivia, who launched a sustainable clothing brand called SaccoStyle, is all about looking good while being comfortable and environmentally conscious.

She first says she wears a free-flowing loungewear top, along with a pair of boots.

Olivia says: “This is the classic cliché ‘jeans and a nice top’ for a more chic look.

“Add your favorite pair of ankle boots and you’re good to go.

“Perfect for bottomless brunch and finding the best ‘avo on toast’ in town.

“Or wear loungewear trousers with a crop top for flared fashion and channel the vibe from the 1960s to the 1970s.

“Say goodbye to undoing the button at the top of your jeans, when you have eaten too much because the loungewear trousers will be able to give you maximum elasticity.

It has loungewear sets which can be accompanied by heels


It has loungewear sets which can be accompanied by heels

“Curl your hair and hit your best hoops for a complete look.

“This means maximizing style and comfort. Some loungewear pants also make our booty look great which is an added bonus.

Olivia states that loungewear sets work as a sleek, feminine take on the modern track suit.

He adds: “It is designed to combine the joy of dressing up and comfort in mind.

“It’s super comfortable, so you can get into ultimate relaxation mode, while still looking good, so you’re still dressing to impress when you have people at home.

“Whether you’re into a downhill dog or heading for the club, life is too short to be uncomfortable.”

He says loungewear pants help shape your body


He says loungewear pants help shape your body
Her fashion brand SaccoStyle is eco-friendly


Her fashion brand SaccoStyle is eco-friendly

SaccoStyle consciously creates garments that reduce harmful impacts on this planet.

Their most recent collection is Winter House and their charitable partner, Coral Guardian, will receive a donation with SaccoStyle’s purchases to help her mission to restore the reef.

For more details take a look at their collection on or go to TikTok and Instagram

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