Young & Restless: Chelsea Joins Newman Fashion, Warns Chloe About Sally

At Newman Media, Sally realizes that Adam is asking if she’s sending him the Billy videos. Sally insists she has moved on, but Adam is not convinced; there is a part of her that likes to go rogue. Sally wonders how she would have reacted if she admitted she was the spy. Adam tells her that if she were to confess, he would thank her, but he would also tell her to stop. He’s putting himself in a bad position. Sally hears the Abbotts bark and don’t bite, but Adam warns that Billy lacks their moral compass and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. “I’m interested in all Newman Media employees,” he says. Sally thinks it’s best for Adam not to know the truth. Adam chuckles, “Plausible denial”. Sally wonders if the information she has received will help in her battle. Adam thinks it’s a good start.

At the hotel, Lily is working but stops to get a call from Billy, who thinks she needs a break. He asks her to go home as soon as possible.

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In the penthouse, Chelsea looks at a photo of Adam and Sally together at Victoria’s wedding and calls Chloe to tell her she wants to meet Sally Spectra in person.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Rey talk about Christmas foods. He loves to see her happy and she smiles. It is a rare pleasure to have all of her children together during the holidays. She asks him if he would mind inviting Nick and Christian to Christmas dinner. Rey is fine with that until the invitation extends to her brother. Sharon is sure that Adam has plans with Connor. Just then, Chelsea walks in and approaches them. “How nice to see you”, he ventures. Sharon gasps: “Chelsea. Hello.”
Sharon sees Chelsea Y&R

Chelsea explains that she just got back to town and Rey asks about Anita. Chelsea says she is doing well. Chelsea and Rey share a laugh about Anita hitting on him and Sharon reflects that she hasn’t heard of that part of her stash. Chelsea talks about being back in the penthouse bringing back memories. She is not sure if she will stay in town after the holidays and she imagines that some people would be happy if she left.

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Lily comes home to arrange a photo shoot. Billy opened champagne and shouted from upstairs that he would be down right away. Lily pours herself a glass and Billy comes down the stairs saying he thought they were going to play a little role-playing game. He promises it will be fun and takes a picture of her. Billy explains that any major publication will want to profile her and that it needs to be prepared. He will be her coach and will give her a new headshot. Lily questions her qualifications as they joke. Billy tells her it’s time to shine. Lily moans but agrees. He laughs during Billy’s fake interview as he introduces himself as Mr. Studly Wonder and fills her with questions. He names Katherine, Jill and her father, Neil, as her inspirations and lists her key qualifications. Billy asks how much she loves the man she’s with, and Lily jokes that he has a high score. Later, Billy wants to take pictures, so Lily poses for him while they laugh and kiss. She thanks him for the distraction and for helping her apply his answers. Billy now knows she can handle any question asked of her. Lily says knowing that he is behind her makes a difference. they make out.
Billy takes photos of Y&R

Chloe bursts into Adam’s office, where he is talking to Sally, and tells her that Chelsea is ready to meet her. Adam hopes the two of them can convince her to come aboard. Sally reflects that if he wants her at Newman Media, she will do what she can to help.

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At the bar, Sharon says she’s sorry Chelsea was psychologically pushed to the point where Chelsea believed she and Adam were having an affair. Chelsea apologizes to them both for her actions and for hurting Sharon years ago in the coffee shop. Rey sums up that he forgave Chelsea for what she did to him, but she was in bad shape. Chelsea feels she has fully recovered. Sharon warns against self-evaluation, but she is sure that Connor is happy to have her mother at home. They ask about her plans and Chelsea says she is considering working with Chloe at Newman Media. Sharon wonders if she’s a fan of Sally’s models. Chelsea is more familiar with her reputation. Just then, Chloe and Sally arrive. Chloe introduces and Chelsea measures Sally.
Sally, Chloe Chelsea Y&R

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Sally, Chloe and Chelsea move to a table on the patio and Rey tells Sharon that she is happy that Chelsea is okay. Sharon feels that if she is to be in Connor’s life she will have to stay in town. Rey just hopes that being with Adam doesn’t undo her progress.

On the patio, Sally tells Chelsea that her bridal work inspired her to design Victoria’s wedding dress. Chelsea was impressed with the blow she made and thinks she will be a good spokesperson for the brand thanks to her over-the-top energy. Chloe feels they could build something extraordinary. Chelsea isn’t even sure they’re staying at Genoa City. Chloe reminds her that this platform was built for her, and Adam and Connor won’t let her leave. “You are here with the near future.” Sally says Chelsea is sought after and precious. Chelsea won’t agree just on the basis of their hard sell and needs to know who she sleeps with. She trusts Chloe … there’s only one thing she has to decide … some honest answers from Sally.

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Inside, Rey tells Sharon that when Adam went to Billy he saw the marks of old Adam. They talk about everything they’ve been through this year, especially with Faith. Sharon couldn’t have done it without Rey, who was her rock. They watch Chelsea, Chloe and Sally talk and Rey asks Sharon if she ever misses the fashion industry. Sharon doesn’t want to spend much time with Sally. Rey agrees that Chelsea taking the job with Sally feels she’s in trouble.

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On the patio, Chelsea calls out Sally’s false flattery and lets her know that she is aware of her past. “How are you not the greatest responsibility for any company?” Sally could say the same thing about her … probably no one but her best friend would have hired her right now. Chelsea asks if she’s deviating because she’s afraid to answer. Sally has had to fight to protect what is hers and feels they are very similar. “That hunger, that drive and that determination are what I intend to pour into Newman Fashion to make it a success. I have something to prove and this is where I will. “Chloe smiles as Chelsea admits she is impressed and asks,” What’s going to happen? Are you in or out? “
Sally proves Y&R

Adam looks up as Sally, Chloe and Chelsea walk into his office. Chloe announces that Chelsea will join the team. Adam says it’s great; it will be a valuable asset. “Welcome on board.” Chelsea has to pick up Connor and tells Adam that she and her son can’t wait to see him tomorrow. As she turns to leave, Sally tells Adam, “I can talk to you about something,” and perches on his desk. Chloe lets Chelsea out and Adam asks the redhead what the hell she thinks she’s doing. Sally wants to update him on the meeting with Chelsea, who is quite strong-willed. She is proud of herself for having conquered her and thinks they will get along well. Adam wonders if Sally has pulled back to mark perceived territory and warns that she doesn’t want trouble. Sally reassures him and “hopes” that he continues to receive useful information about Billy.

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At home, after sex, Billy and Lily sip champagne. Lily asks if she’ll tell Jack about her plan to convince Victor and Adam that he’s drinking and playing again. Billy doesn’t want to hurt him and Lily is relieved to hear him. She believes in him as much as he believes in her. Billy says it’s going to be a wild ride. Lily sighs: “Of course it is.”

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At the penthouse, Chloe tells Chelsea she is thrilled to have signed and wants to talk about the future. Chelsea wonders if Sally will be willing to take orders from her. Chloe sold it to an executive team consisting of the two of them. Sally is ambitious and Chelsea wonders how Chloe is going to keep this woman in check. Chloe explains that Sally was grateful to be hired and the plan to bring Chelsea as a partner was clear. Chelsea knows her type; she is out for number one. He probably already has a plan, and it most likely involves Adam. Chloe insists she won’t overstep. Chelsea is happy because it’s a border she won’t want to see violated.

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