You Have to See These One-of-a-Kind Miss Universe 2021 Costumes

Get ready for oohs and aahs during the Miss Universe 2021 pageant.

80 contestants from around the world celebrated their country’s culture and heritage during the national costume presentation of the contest on Friday 10 December, which will be held in the coastal city of Eilat, Israel.

Not that anyone expected anything less, but the contestants dazzled on stage with elaborate and unique costumes that represented their nation. From the exaggerated designs that captured their country’s largest exports to modeling their region’s traditional looks, each competitor put their own twist on the category and showed their pride in their country.

The beauty queens not only wore eye-catching costumes, but also lit up the stage with fabulous evening dresses and stylish swimwear. These are just some of the categories in which women will be judged before Sunday 12 December.

The 2021 contest will air tomorrow night in 160 countries. In the United States, the competition will be broadcast on Fox and Telemundo. (Check your local listings for schedules.)

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