Wolverines and Crimson Tide leading way in addressing COVID

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Since the decimation of the BCS – which worked – the College Football Playoff has turned the boules season into a snooze fest plus a few matches scattered outside of the three games that will determine a national champion. And in a year where half of the field is making its Final 4 debut in the midst of a pandemic that the omicron variant has hijacked, it looks like we could be praying for a miracle from two of the most unlikely places – Georgia and Ohio – to make sure. for these games to happen.

Michigan is doing everything possible to arrive on New Year’s Eve for the CFP match in Miami against UGA, as the school announced that the team will receive pre-match recall shots.

“The booster is out there now, we have a full booster for the team tomorrow (Wednesday), so it will be fine”, Michigan offensive lineman Andrew Stueber said Tuesday. “I think everyone understands the gravity of the situation, having an outbreak now would be devastating for many people. Understanding the concern is important, so we took precautions there. “

The school had already announced that stricter vaccine requirements and testing expectations for all students would be coming. “We require booster doses for all Ann Arbor and Michigan Medicine faculty, staff and students under the UM vaccination policy by February 4 or as soon as you are eligible thereafter,” President Mark Schlissel wrote in an email to the university.

Earlier this week, Alabama announced it was reverting to its security protocols from a year ago as they prepare for CFP.

“I’m worried?” Saban said, as the campus has returned to wearing face masks and social distancing during meetings. “I am always concerned when there is a problem out there and we want to do our best to help our players worry about the problem and respect it so that they have the best opportunity to stay safe.” Alabama’s decision comes at the right time as Texas A&M faces an epidemic before preparing to play the Gator Bowl.

This is the part where everyone in the room looks at Cincinnati and UGA and waits for them to make similar public announcements: cross your fingers and pray – really hard.

Ohio is Ohio which means you should never expect anything good from that place. And UGA started this season from announcing that they would not have a single COVID-19 mandate for home games.

If we end up getting a Michigan-Alabama National Championship game by default because Cincinnati and UGA aren’t healthy enough to play, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.


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