Will Urban Meyer get the chance to coach again?

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Currently on par with Meyer’s career record of 2-11, the Texan manager has a great opportunity to get off this list on Sunday when Houston visits Jacksonville. Too bad for him, he will not be able to boast a victory over Meyer.

So, everyone who has done worse than Meyer as a head coach in the NFL has never had another job as a head coach in the NFL, which is how it should be. Only one of the previous six megaflops has been head coach again everywhere, and not even in college, but in Canada, where Rust didn’t even last a full season.

Is there a chance that Meyer could reverse the trend? Sure. But it’s very likely that his performance in the NFL – just in terms of records, without even thinking about all the things that led to him losing his job before he even got a full season – means we’ve seen Meyer’s latest. being able to call himself a “ball coach”, regardless of whether he is kicking someone while doing so.


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