Why You Need to Know Emily in Paris’ Jeremy O. Harris

You may not recognize his name yet, but you decidedly know Jeremy O. Harris‘ Opera.

This is because there is hardly a noteworthy 2021 project that Harris was not a part of. Let’s start with the fact that Harris wrote one of the most famous Broadway tickets, slave game, which made history at the 2021 Tony Awards with 12 nominations, including one for best game. Harris also toured the film awards circuit for co-writing Zola, which garnered two Gotham Award nominations for stars Taylor Paige And Colman Domingo.

“I don’t consider myself on top of the world,” Harris joked exclusively with E! News. “I’m just trying to live in the moment, you know what I mean? I’ve spent so much of my twenties hoping that the work I was doing would be seen, or hoping that I would be able to do many different kinds of things because I had so many different interests. I really felt outside looking inside and now I feel like I was invited inside. ”

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