Why Katie Thurston Didn’t Give Blake Moynes a “Heads Up” About John

Would you call your ex to let him know you’ve started dating someone new?

Second Katie Thurston, that’s not what normal people do. bachelorette party The star shared a video on Instagram on Friday December 17 to respond to criticism online after making her boyfriend public John Hersey about a month after the news of her breakup with her boyfriend Blake Moynes.

“It’s hard to navigate,” he said, as he discussed his “regret” for his “12 Days of Messy” series, which revealed his feelings for John. “People always say, ‘Well, you should have told Blake.'”

Katie thought, “And it’s like, look, we talked about it. We talked about alerting Blake.” However, he ultimately decided not to.

“Here’s one thing people, I think, forget: We’re just normal people trying to live a normal life. And when did you ever have to tell an ex you’re seeing someone new?” Katia said. “And how, how would you tell him? And would I still get the same amount of hate even if I warned Blake? I don’t know.”

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