Who’s the 2021 NFL MVP? Brady, Rodgers, Samuel, Taylor or Kupp?

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I know we got Aaron Rodgers at Deadspin to the task, and I might rightly add. His position on COVID-19 as a public figure is dangerous, and his views on “awake” and “culture erasing” are ludicrous.

However, he was the most valuable player in the NFL this season. The Green Bay Packers lost attacking linemen, a tight end, wide receiver and an exceptional pass rusher through injury. They also had to endure a game without running back Aaron Jones. All of this on top of a bitter season in which he wasn’t sure Rodgers would play for the Packers in 2021.

Last night, the Packers clinched No. 1 on the NFC overall standings for the second straight season with Sunday Night Football victory over their division rivals Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings also dealt with health issues but were able to keep the Packers at bay until the middle of the second quarter. Rodgers then led the Green Bays to the back of the field for two touchdowns to take them 20-0 before the Vikings closed the fourth with a field goal. The Packers won 37-10 with Rodgers completing 76% of his passes for 288 yards and two touchdowns.

This season is not Rodgers’ best. He has had many with over 4,000 yards passed and over 40 touchdowns, single-digit interceptions and an average of over eight yards per attempt. In 2021, he has only four interceptions, but also only 3,977 passing yards and 35 touchdowns at 7.8 yards per attempt in 16 games.

This is more than just statistics for Rodgers this season. Even though all the controversy surrounding him was of his own creation in 2021, he tackled it all along with all the Packers injuries to bring them back to the top of the conference. This is a value, and as far as NFL players are concerned, I guess that makes it the most valuable.


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