Who Is Gino’s Ex-Wife? Divorce Details

This isn’t the first time he’s a 90 day boyfriend! 90-day boyfriend: Before 90 days star Gino Palazzolo he’s documenting his first time meeting his girlfriend online remotely, Jasmine Pineda, in season 5 of the hit TLC reality series. But Gino had already found love with a foreigner. Keep scrolling below to learn more about Gino’s ex-wife Denise.

“I’m used to living alone, but that wasn’t always the case,” said Gino, 51, in his confessional during TLC’s debut. “I’ve had a couple of serious relationships in the past. My ex-wife is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. “

The Canton, Michigan native went on to explain how he and his ex-wife, Denise, met. “I worked in Brazil for six months as an engineer,” he said. “We met around that time and we knew we were in love and wanted to be together. And so, I took her to the US on a K-1 visa. “

Unfortunately, their romance faded and they decided to end their union. “We lost that spark after seven years of marriage and then we mutually agreed to file for a divorce,” said Gino.

In contact can confirm that Gino filed for divorce from Denise on December 7, 2012. It was finalized on June 7, 2013, according to the online registry.


“Getting a divorce was very difficult and I’ve lost some hope that, you know, hey, I’ll ever find the right person to start a family?” He admitted.

In early 2021, Gino decided to join an international dating site to look for love and that’s where he met Jasmine, a 34-year-old brunette, single mother of two, who works as an American literature teacher. and lives in Panama City, Panama. .

However, Gino and Jasmine clashed on their first night together over dinner due to Jasmine’s jealousy issues and it looks like it will become a bigger problem for them in the future.

“Baby, I want to see things that remind me of my country in your house,” Jasmine told Gino as they were shopping for souvenirs in a preview for the episode on Sunday, January 2. “Not your stupid ex-wife.”

90-day-old girlfriend Jasmin shares her kids update amid a long-distance romance
Courtesy of Jasmine Pineda / Instagram

Jasmine Pineda

Gino then threw a bomb into his confessional. “I worry about what Jasmine would do if she found out I’m still friends with one of my exes,” she said.

However, Jasmine gave viewers a mockery of how she would react when Gino confessed to her. “We will forget the ghosts of the past,” she told him. “Died.”

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