Who Forgot Lines, Who He Texts

DeLuca may no longer be alive in the Grey’s Anatomy universe, but Giacomo Gianniotti is still in contact with his former colleagues at Gray Sloan Memorial, he revealed during a game of Us Weekly ‘the secrets of the co-star.

When asked who writes the most from the ABC series, the 32-year-old actor called Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt).

Giacomo Gianniotti. Vincenzo Landi / IPA / Shutterstock

“He’s just been a great friend and mentor over the years and he’s also a director,” said Gianniotti. “I’ve relied on him a lot in my career as a director and as an actor and kid and he’s just a great guy.”

Speaking of directing, the Rome native called a surgical scene from an April 2021 episode of the drama as the longest scene he has ever shot.

“I directed last [season], one of the episodes, and we had surgery where we were saving the life of this kid with a heart problem, “he explained.” And it felt like we were shooting that scene all day. And then I had like three scenes from filming and I was going crazy. Any surgery – any actor on the show will tell you – that the longest scenes are the surgery scenes. Because medical things are so complicated to reset, so when we have to go again, we have to redo everything from boss. It takes a long time. “

Gianniotti was a full-time cast member on Grey’s Anatomy from season 12 to 16, making his first appearance in season 11. When asked which character – besides Dr. Andrew DeLuca – was his favorite, he called James Pickens Jr. is Richard Webber.

Giacomo reveals the secrets of the cast of Gray: who has forgotten the lines, who still writes

Giacomo Gianniotti as Andrew DeLuca in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Mike Rosenthal / ABC / Kobal / Shutterstock

“I love Richard Webber and I love Pick – James Pickens – as well as the man, the legend,” he said We. “His character, like, at the table acts, no one laughs bigger than him, all the time. And he doesn’t do anything. It is effortless. It’s not an emotion, unmoved, and the whole room is just bursting out laughing. It’s so funny. His character is hilarious. “

He also noted that Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Gray) is “fun”.

“She is so funny. I don’t think Meredith Gray is the most hilarious character, but Ellen is hilarious, so funny, ”he continued. “She loves rap music so much, even something very different from Meredith Gray.”

As for the actor who has forgotten the lines the most, Gianniotti said: “Probably Justin Chambers – but Justin, I love you so much. “

To find out more about Gianniotti, watch the video above.

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