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Euphoria fads have gone viral on TikTok and Twitter, mainly because Euphoria High students don’t actually dress much like green high school students and it’s exactly how designer Heidi Biven envisioned the new season.

“In terms of style, I played it safe the first season. I really tried to be aware of making it realistic, so that the audience couldn’t really tell the story, “Bivens explained to Interview magazine. “I know I’ve pushed the boundaries with some of the bold looks that aren’t normally allowed in school, but overall I’ve tried to be really consistent with what kids can actually afford. This season has freaked out, because I just wanted to have fun. Maude Apatow’s character [Lexi], for example, wears Miu Miu. For example, she can’t afford Miu Miu, her parents aren’t buying her Miu Miu, but I said, ‘Fuck it. It fits perfectly. ‘”

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For Euphoria fans who want to buy some of the clothes seen on the show, we’ve rounded up a short list of standout looks from season 2 that you can buy online (most of the clothes worn on the show are sold out already) along with a couple of alternatives.

Check out the fashion breakdown below and, if you’re not already involved Euphoriastream episodes on HBO Max.

Maddy’s Crop Trop & Furry Hat safety pin

From hair to nails and gorgeous accessories, it’s all in the details for Maddy (Alexa Demmy). We’ve already seen her character crawl into the closet during her babysitting job to try on her expensive boss outfits (including this one. Mugler dress), but the dress pictured above is a simple DIY look. All you need is a ribbed tank top and safety pins to recreate Maddy’s outfit. For a ready-made option, try this tank top from Rainbow for $ 12. A version of her pastel-colored furry cap is available at Nordstrom, and you can get a rhinestone belt from Amazon.

Buy: Wool blend cap $ 29 at Nordstorom.com.

More options from Maddy’s closet: this Adidas off-the-shoulder dress she wore on New Year’s Eve, or the faux fur-trimmed cardigan is a vintage Blumarine piece that you can buy online (with lavender trim) for $ 512. You want something cheaper. ? This faux fur collar cardigan by ASOS retails for $ 45.

Chuck 70 high sneakers by Rue

Rue (Zendaya) likes to be casual. Her wardrobe consists mainly of baggy pants and oversized graphic tees and jackets. Of course, most of Rue’s wardrobe sells out pretty quickly online, so you’ll have to choose which one to buy. The Red Tailored Column Jacquard Lei Pants are no longer available, but you can find the Peels Z Jacket ($ 140) pictured above. The main item of Rue’s wardrobe – Chuck 70 Hi-Tops – are one of the brand’s best sellers and come in multiple colors (and those socks from Vans are always on trend). You can also get hold of the burgundy Hanes Eco-Smart hoodie she sported in Sunday’s episode.

Buy: Chuck 70 high-top sneakers on Converse.com.

As for Jules (Hunter Schaffer), it’s not that easy to find his outfits online. Some of his looks are vintage off the runway models, others are simply not available or out of stock, so you’ll need to be creative when creating a Jules-inspired outfit. The Clair Barrow Aliens hoodie shown in the photo above is already sold out, for example, but there are a ton of extraterrestrial hoodies on Amazon.

Kat’s green sweater and heart print skirt

What don’t you like about Kat? This colorful, printed look is a blend of easy-to-recreate high and low pieces. Danielle Guizio’s green mohair cardigan retails for $ 200, while the brooch skirt shouldn’t cost more than $ 20. Even though her Cramps tee is harder to find, you may be able to score one on eBay and Redbubble, or you can always choose another rock band shirt and put a sweater over it.

Buy: $ 10 Heart Print Skirt at Yesstyle.com.

The elegant sports jacket from Fez

Don’t sleep in Fez; she is evolving into a style star. Whether she’s banging a bottle on someone’s (Noah’s) head or eating a sandwich, she tends to look good while she does it. The Palace Blue Tracksuit Jacket image above retails for more than $ 200, but of course there are many cheaper tracksuit jackets on the market like this Penguin Fleece Track Jacket ($ 65), the Track Jacket J America Adult vintage fleece ($ 35) or this Ysento jumpsuit ($ 34).

Buy: Palace Color Block Sweat Jacket $ 215 at Farfetch.com

Scottish mini dress by Lexi

As mentioned by Bivens, Lexi wears a Miu Miu plaid mini dress in the second episode of the second season. The cotton-blend plaid mini dress retails for around $ 1,000 and you probably won’t find it online. You can, however, try a couple of other options like this Aura Sleeveless Plaid Dress (add a Peter Pan Collar Shirt to complete the look) or an LA Hearts Plaid Mini Dress ($ 37). If you like the print but not necessarily the style, try this Scottish apron option on sale at Asos for $ 22.40.

Buy: $ 34 Aura Plaid Dress at Reddress.com.

Cassie ribbed wrap top

* Spolier altert * Cassie is involved in a love triangle this season. Without giving too much away, her situation makes her paranoid about being caught and dressing differently from her character (as seen in Sunday’s episode). The wrap sweater pictured above is one of Cassie’s more docile ensembles this season and is available on Revolve in black and sage. The shirt retails for $ 75, but if your budget is a little tight, try some of the cheaper options on Asos and Amazon.

Buy: ASTR the $ 75 Wrap-Around Sweater with Tags at Revolve.

Elsewhere in Cassie’s wardrobe: the cozy Pink Vintage Angels hoodie ($ 200) and the mini-classic Ugg boots ($ 100) she wore in Episode 2.

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