What’s the nicest Canucks jersey of all time?

With reports circulating that the Vancouver Canucks will have an “exciting announcement” about the return of the flying skate jersey in the near future, fans have begun to raise the age-old question once again:

What is the coolest jersey the Vancouver Canucks have ever worn?

We posted a Twitter poll to gauge fan reaction, and as expected, the flying skate jersey won.

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When the team recreated the jersey for the 50th anniversary season, both fans and players were, for lack of a better word, huge fans of the jerseys.

Captain Bo Horvat was once quoted as saying “I think we look big, bad and scary in black” when discussing jerseys.

Some fans love the black flying skate jersey so much that they can’t wait to make it back as a regular full-time Canucks jersey.

While most of the fans are not there that extreme of a level of passion for knitting, the point remains, the flying skate is a fan favorite and seems to be the consensus favorite among fans.

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For what it’s worth, the flying skate is this author’s favorite shirt.

But is there a? correct Reply?

The short answer is: no, there isn’t.

But did that stop us from contacting a fashion expert to get her opinion on the matter?

No, it wasn’t like that.

Giovanni Amenta is an image consultant, stylist and international speaker on the subject of fashion psychology, so of course we had to have his opinion on the endless debate.

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First of all, here’s what he said about the flying skate shirt.

“It’s a classic and the logo design is my favorite. On the shirt itself, however, the red and yellow they used are like ketchup and mustard. They are also the version of those colors used to represent a bargain or cheap things, which is why they are used, for example, in the McDonald’s logo. “

We then asked him to take down the track jersey stick, which was the second most popular jersey from our poll.

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According to Amenta, this is the pinnacle of Canucks shirts from an aesthetic point of view.

“This is the most flattering design based on the V-neck which gives the look of a longer neck; logo placement makes chest appear bigger and stronger; the patches on the sleeves make the arms look bigger; the position of the bottom strip will make the waist look smaller based on the focal points which are above and below the waist. It is also very modern and the colors go well together ”.

What do you think is the most beautiful Canucks jersey of all time? Let us know in the comments section below!


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