What’s new in men’s fashions for 2022

How you can put together the latest looks on a tight budget. # k5sera

SEATTLE – The old is new for ’22.

“Things get recycled over and over again,” said Gary Foy, retail operations training manager at Evergreen Goodwill.

We walked into the huge Goodwill location in Dearborn to put together our own versions of the men’s fashion predictions for 2022, as featured in a recent Vogue magazine article.

“Many designers turn old styles into new ones,” said Foy, “and here are the originals, the vintage pieces themselves.”

According to Vogue, shades of green are on the way for the new year.

Pink is warm too, and matching pink selections show confidence and creativity.

Vogue says it stands in the new year with what fashionistas call a “masculine heel,” essentially high-heeled boots for men. If your shoe size is small, don’t be afraid to browse the women’s section to expand your selection.

The sweater vest is back. Or maybe he never left.

“Sweaters never go out of style,” said Foy.

This time, T-shirts are optional. Free those bare arms any time of the year.

Vogue also highlights something called the “party boy” style, which consists of bright, bold and even sparkly choices. Anything is fine.

But if you’re more of a man in black, the magazine says this is your year, and we’ve found Goodwill to be a low-cost treasure chest of trendy options.

Foy said, “I think if you did and it’s a little snug than usual, you’ll be fine. Black from head to toe. Try it.”

When you shop on Goodwill, your purchases support free professional training and other programs in our community. Plus, you’re doing your part for the environment by reducing waste.

“You’re shopping with a purpose,” Foy said.

Whatever your style, you can probably find your inspiration for 2022 at Goodwill and make it a very trendy reality.

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