What Is Ximena’s Secret? Hiding From Mike

What is he hiding? 90-day boyfriend: Before 90 days star Ximena Morales Cuellar admitted that she is hiding a secret from her boyfriend Mike Berk, but is ready to confess it to him in preview for the episode of Sunday 9 January of the hit TV series of TLC.

“I need to talk to you about something,” she told Mike Ximena, 24, as they sat down to a romantic dinner. “Is very important.”

“Okay, what do you have to tell me?” Mike, 34, asked. Ximena looked visibly upset and stressed, and while fans will have to wait until next week’s episode to see her big reveal, Mike’s reaction to her announcement seemed tense.

“This is great news I really need to think about,” he told her.

In his confessional, Mike shared his honest reaction to Ximena’s secret. “I never expected Ximena to keep a secret from me,” she said. “So I don’t really know where we’re going from here.”

Mike and Ximena made their debut in season 5 of 90 days boyfriend spin off, 90-day boyfriend: Before 90 days. Mike is from Thiells, New York, and he met Ximena online. The couple dated for about a year and documented Mike’s travels to his home country of Pereira in Colombia to meet her in person for the first time.

Unfortunately, many fans have assumed that Ximena – who is a single mother of two young children – was having an affair with Mike for all the wrong reasons after she was featured on the show in an episode that aired on December 26th.

Ximena revealed that she was in love with her youngest son’s father, but he was in prison and was sentenced to a long sentence, which is why she decided to move on.


“I want someone who can support me now,” he said in his confessional. She went on to explain that she is a manicurist but was unable to work during the coronavirus pandemic and that it was very difficult for her financially. In the next scene, he walked around his apartment and pointed out everything Mike had paid for, including his sofa, his dining room set, a refrigerator, stove, blender, food processor, and a coffee machine.

“He gives me money for food, rent,” Ximena explained in her confessional. “I stay afloat with what Mike contributes to me. But Mike isn’t the kind of guy that usually attracts me because I like big men. My ex-boyfriends have been cops, tattoo artists, farmers, even drug dealers. Mike is not handsome physically, but from the heart he is. “

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