What Happens When Onscreen Kisses Go Really Wrong

Okay okay, Good-we have it.

“It’s like, ‘OK, here’s the scene: you’re in the middle of the ocean,” McConaughey explained, giving his side to Yahoo! Fun. “Go underwater, then on ‘Action’, go into the water and then come out of the water as if you were gasping. You are happy to be alive! Then you look and swim at each other and go in for a hug. ‘ “

So, yeah, it wasn’t his best self: “There’s a lot of salt water and snot and all kinds of things in between all of these,” he continued, “and so you’re doing it and you’re like. , ‘OK, I think it worked, but did it look good?’ “

It sure is their The best days to kiss are still ahead of them – “There is still time” – but some lemonade situations are simply beyond repair. As you, perhaps, get ready for some New Year’s kissing, enjoy these tales of love scenes gone wrong and take some comfort in knowing that even beautiful people don’t always make good memories.

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