What Does Jana Duggar Do For a Living? Reality Star’s Job

With Counting on now canceled due to her child-threatening allegation, fans are curious to know Jana Duggar and what he does for a living.

According to Jana’s Instagram bio, she lists her career as a “home remodelist” and has even amassed a large net worth of $ 400.00, for Celebrity Net Worth. However, Jana has had several pastimes before.

Iin 2015, Jana and her twin, John-David, they celebrated their 25th birthday at their favorite restaurant. (Cracker Barrel, for the record!) Parents Jim Bob And michelle marked the occasion on Facebook and gave us the scoop on the professional life of twins:

“John just got his driver’s license and is busy with construction and police work”, they wrote at the time. “Jana is a concert pianist and is involved in many ministries. We are so lucky to have such wonderful daughters and sons! Happy 25th, Jana and John! “

In light of the parent’s post, Facebook commentators were quick to wonder if Jana was inclined to music.

Courtesy of Jana Duggar / Instagram

“As a professional musician I would like to know where Jana studied music and what grades (if any) she has,” wrote one commentator. “I’m sure she’s a good pianist, but playing in the local church… doesn’t make you a concert pianist. Duggars … let’s be honest and don’t try to turn kids into things they aren’t. “

“Concert pianist?” wrote another. “Let them go free. 25 years are not old enough to share a room with small children. Stop slowing down their lives. “

In fact, many of the comments on the post accused the older Duggars of limiting the boys’ career prospects, especially since Jana became the in fact nanny to her younger brothers and nieces while her brothers and sisters get married and work.

However, “Cinderella Duggar” became optimistic for his happy ending after rumors of his courtship with the Nebraska pilot Stephen Wissmann emerged in early 2021.

“I know how it feels to wait for ‘Prince Charming’ to arrive,” he once said Crown Beauty Magazine. “I’m still waiting. Waiting isn’t always easy, especially in those times when all married brothers get together and you can’t get along because you’re not part of” that group. “

However, he did not collapse into despair at the thought. “I have found that when I have a difficult or discouraging day, I try to look for ways to bless or serve someone else,” she added. “And in turn, he usually blesses and encourages me!”

Jana was formally accused on December 10 of endangering the well-being of a minor. The charge was initially filed on September 10 for an incident that allegedly occurred the day before. She pleaded not guilty. Jana’s hearing is scheduled for January 10, 2022.

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