Weirdest Duggar Family Holiday Traditions: Christmas Photos

well, them I am known for doing things slightly differently. When it comes to holidays, the Duggar family he definitely has his own way of doing things. And this is certainly true of their Christmas traditions.

The Duggars are quite conservative it’s a lot religious, so it makes sense that their beliefs translate into their treatment Christmas in a unique way.

To begin with, the first Counting on the stars do not participate in the tradition of Santa Claus. Luckily since I am home schooled, children will not need to break the news to their classmates.

In 2013, matriarch Michelle Duggar explained why they chose not to include the cheerful man in a big red suit in their parties. “At the beginning of our marriage, Jim Bob [Duggar] and I really wanted to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. And so, we didn’t focus on Santa, “he shared in a TLC blog post at that time. “We kept that idea out of the whole celebration, we explained to the children who Santa Claus was historically, but he focused on his good deeds and his service to the children. We tell them about the true person of St. Nicholas but they don’t sensationalize him “.

A video shot by Jessa Duggar in 2016 showed how hectic Christmas morning can be at the Duggars’ home. “When they say ‘Be here at 7am for the gifts!’ We must respect the times if we are to get to the church on time … #RunningOnDuggarTime“, he captioned the Instagram clip.

“Yes, it seems everyone is ready for Christmas in this place,” the mom of four – who shares the kids Spurgeon, Henry, Ivy And Fern with husband Ben Seewald – you can hear. “All the lights are out. Ben and I are turning on all the lights. This is the way we move. “

While the Duggars may have more brothers and sisters than the average person, their Christmas day is just like anyone else’s. (Er, kind of). They buy each other gifts and open them – it may take a while little longer than your family.

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