Washington Football team needs to move on from Taylor Heinicke

It's the end of the road for Taylor.

It’s the end of the road for Taylor.
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Taylor Heinicke’s tale could end at the end of this NFL season. It was a great story last year in the playoffs when he gave Tom Brady and Tampa Bay a run for their money. But after a full season of watching Heinicke in central Washington, it’s clear that’s not QB’s long-term answer.

Heinicke’s ceiling looks like that of an average NFL QB, and this will not do it for the Soccer team. Washington was hit hard by the injury bug this year, but Heinicke’s play fell short of what the team hoped for. could be. Taylor has 20 TDs, 15 INTs and 3,299 yards passed in 15 games this year. This tells me in the average, and not in the QB of the future of the franchise.

The odds of Heinicke coming out and becoming more than just a fringe starter were long in the first place. Sometimes, Taylor showed flashes of being a good NFL QB, but has had even more instances where his flaws were too obvious to overlook.

Heinicke does has a four-game winning streak on his resume this year in which he and WFT were able to beat Brady and the Buccaneers, 29-19. That winning streak is also highlighted by Heinicke’s best game, where he passed by three TDs and zero INTs in the 27-21 win over the Carolina Panthers. But that winning streak came after a four-game losing streak in which Heinicke’s play wasn’t even average and the team scored 13 points or less in three of four losses.

Heinicke’s best role in the future will likely be the reserve one, as it was supposed to be this year until Ryan Fitzpatrick’s injury in week 1 forced Washington to throw him away in action. Some players are better suited to play in certain situations or on duty as Heinicke did against the Bucs in the postseason. Now, the NFL has a whole season of movies on him, let’s see the real Taylor Heinicke. It is average below-average starter and a decent enough? backup.

Washington will have some decisions to make in the QB position this offseason. The beginner’s QB crop for 2022 isn’t great, so they may want to go the free agent route. Hell, maybe they can persuade Seattle to let Russell Wilson go for picks and draft players. While I doubt that will happen, manager Ron Rivera needs to find a QB who can lead this team. NFC East isn’t the toughest division in the league. If Washington manages to get a good QB, they’ll be back on the hunt for the division right away.


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