Warriors’ Klay Thompson returned Sunday night

Feats of Klay.

Feats of Klay.
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the lovely ones, brave underdogs, the Golden State Warriors. A couple of difficult seasons – truly a terrible season and another season that ended in disappointment turned out to be a mere traffic jam on the Warriors’ domain highway.

For six consecutive seasons, the Warriors did not finish with a win rate of less than .595 and progressed to five consecutive NBA Finals. To date, the Warriors are tied for the second-best NBA record.

They were doing their best to embody the end of the 20th century New York Yankees by winning four championships in five seasons when the injury occurred during the 2019 NBA Finals to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. Durant chose to rehabilitate his Achilles injury on the east coast, leaving the Warriors for the Brooklyn Nets, while Thompson remained in the Bay Area with his ACL injury. Face a hand injury to Steph Curry, and the 2019-20 season has been the Warriors’ worst since Dave Cowens was their manager.

The 2020-21 season was supposed to be the Warriors’ return to glory, but Thompson lost an Achilles tendon while training just a month before the season began. So before Sunday night, the last time Thompson played in an NBA game, Durant was with the Warriors, Russell Westbrook was with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Anthony Davis was with the New Orleans Pelicans, Antonio Brown and Jon Gruden were with the Oakland Raiders, and the atmosphere wasn’t littered with viruses.

NBATV aired Thompson’s player presentation in San Francisco on Sunday and it was thrilling. He was introduced last, the music was cut off, and he was welcomed by a hero.

Thompson’s performance wasn’t quite what he had stopped in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals when he scored 30 points with 66.7% of shots from the field and the 3-point line, and two free throws and pressures to stay in the game with a torn ACL – thanks Demarcus Cousins ​​for committing that foul and taking him off the pitch . Last night Thompson scored 17 points, pulling 38.9 percent from the field, and 37.5 percent from three. However, he took his first shot and later crossed paths with Jarrett Allen of the Cleveland Cavaliers when the adrenaline then exploded his body and crushed Lauri Markkanen and Lamar Stevens.

There was another event airing on NBC – one of the wildest regulars in the NFL-Seasonal matches of all time – which got most of the attention from the sports world, but those of us who had NBATV on our second screen were treated to the rare moment of well-being of a franchise that once said of to be “light years” before all.

We watch sport to see the best in the world compete. As sick as some sports fans were of the Warriors’ dominance, it’s more than reasonable to feel bad for Thompson. He spent his last two-And-a-half a year struggling with ACL and Achilles’ rehabilitation. No human would want to experience that discomfort and sports fans have lost sight of greatness.

As we’ve seen this season, when the Warriors are rolling, there is little in sport that is so exciting. The way they move the ball, Curry’s three points from club level, now alley-oops from Gary Payton II, the current NBA isn’t such a good product without the Warriors operating at full throttle capacity.

Now, it seems they are. The playoffs don’t start for another four months, which gives Thompson plenty of time to re-get used to the match-to-match penalties of playing in the NBA, and there’s little pressure as the Warriors have already established themselves as championship contenders.

Sun Fans, Networks, e The Lakers may be afraid of what’s to come from the full-strength Warriors in the post-season, but they should at least appreciate it, as of January 9, the NBA looked a little more normal. Klay Thompson is playing basketball on television. This is pretty much the normalcy you can get in today’s world.


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