Vicky Pattison details ‘difficult’ but ’empowering’ decision to freeze her eggs

Vicky Pattison opened up about the decision to freeze her eggs on Lorraine.

The 34-year-old appeared on the show to discuss her new book, The Secret to Happy, which highlights the ups and downs of her life in the spotlight.

Lorraine, 62, asked Vicky about her decision to freeze her eggs, which she talks about in her new self-help book.

During the show on Thursday, he said, “You’re even talking about freezing your eggs, just to give you that option and that choice, which makes sense, doesn’t it.”

Vicky said she was making the “responsible” decision to freeze her eggs to keep options open for her future self.

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Vicky admitted it had been a difficult decision to make and “put it off” for as long as possible.

He explained: “You know what I’ve been putting off for years in Lorraine, because in my head if I froze the eggs, I was the one saying that I won’t have children any time soon.

“I’m 34 and I would really like a family, so I think it was a hard pill for us to swallow.”

However, the former Geordie Shore star realized that this was actually an “empowering” choice that gave her more options in the future.

Vicky Pattison opens up about the decision
Vicky admitted that she would like a family now, but freezing her eggs gives her more options in the future

“I had to sit down and talk to myself and say you’re not saying it at all,” she said.

“You are making this really powerful decision for your future self.

“Ercan is slightly younger than me, 28, and I want us both to be in the right place to have a family. I don’t want her to have children with me because I’m terrified of the ticking of the biological clock, you know?

“So, I’m starting this process very early, because I think it’s the best thing for me and for my future.”

Vicky Pattison opens up about the decision
Vicky said she wants to freeze her eggs for when they are both ready for a family rather than worrying about a biological clock.

Vicky’s self-help book on happiness also includes how she got through her “dark” days after winning I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here.

The reality star admitted she struggled with impostor syndrome after being crowned queen of the jungle and self-medicating with alcohol.

Vicky revealed to The Sun that she was drinking up to ten drinks a day, adding, “I drank pretty much every day. I drink about ten drinks a day. Wine, spirits, anything really.

“I got everything I’ve ever wanted. The audience liked us, I had left Geordie Shore behind and had this brilliant new career, but I was convinced that people would realize that I was nothing special and would have everything taken away from me. “

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