Varya Kisses Geoffrey’s Photo Ahead of Sentencing

With her in the spirit. 90 days boyfriend alum Varya Malina she found a way to share the New Years kiss with her boyfriend, Geoffrey Paschel, although he is currently in jail awaiting his sentencing hearing after being found guilty of domestic violence.

Varya, 31, posted an Instagram Reel of herself as the watch struck midnight on Saturday, Jan.1. He showed the camera a photo of Paschel, 41, which he held in his hand as the countdown to midnight began. The Russian beauty, who wore a black dress, white blazer, green beaded necklace and headband with deer antlers and ears, smiled until midnight when she gave the photo a big kiss. He also celebrated by taking a sip of his champagne.

“I gave my New Year’s kiss and made my wish,” Varya wrote in the post caption.

The former TLC star documented the New Year celebrations, which he spent with Paschel’s family, via Instagram. She joined them as they drove to Biloxi, Mississippi, to go glamping or luxury camping.

Ahead of the new year, Varya reflected on 2021. “It has been a very turbulent year with moments of utter happiness and heartbreaking disappointment, with cowardly betrayal and heartfelt forgiveness, with life-changing successes and catastrophic results … that was it. different and so full of insight, that I’m grateful anyway, “she wrote via Instagram on Friday, December 31, along with a video of uncorking a bottle of champagne.

“I truly believe 2022 will be better. It’s not hard to be better than the lowest of the bass. The advantage of being on the bottom is that there is nothing underneath, so you can start and move up, “he continued.

Varya and Paschel made their debut in season 4 of 90-day boyfriend: Before 90 days in February 2020 – and around the same time, he made headlines for appearing in court to face allegations of a domestic accident that allegedly occurred between him and an ex-boyfriend in June 2019. The couple’s storyline in the hit series of TLC ended on a cliffhanger, as they got engaged in the finale but didn’t appear in season 4, and Paschel confirmed they weren’t asked to join due to his pending legal case.

“I’m not sad that I haven’t been there,” Paschel said during an Instagram Live with rep Rocco Straz in June 2020. He hinted that Varya chose not to participate even out of solidarity.

“The mentality of keeping me out of the story because someone said something is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” he added, vindicating his innocence at the time. “I want my court case to end, and as soon as my court case is over, my life will continue. My life is going well now, don’t think it’s holding me back on something. But it’s the “he said, he said shit”. But I am prepared. I did my homework and I … I was the one who was there, you know. “

Paschel was tried in October 2021, after which he was found guilty of aggravated kidnapping, domestic violence and interference with an emergency call. He is currently in prison awaiting his sentencing hearing on February 3.

Varya, for her part, moved to the United States in late 2020 and kept her relationship with Paschel a secret until he was found guilty. She has since moved from her home in Florida to her home in Tennessee and has shared several photos and videos of their loved ones together, as well as several messages of support, suggesting they are still together.

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