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December has begun, and there is no longer a way to avoid it: it begins to look terribly like Christmas. But week 8 has come to you, the mountain of deadlines that occupy every free moment you’ve had. Suddenly, the deadline is over and you find yourself realizing you haven’t even started Christmas shopping, with time slipping away faster than the official Bridgemas tickets sold out. But don’t worry! The Varsity fashion team has you covered, with gift suggestions for friends with every need. Look no further for gift inspiration …

Muhammad Syed, fashion editor

For the friend with Raynaud’s


There’s no easy way to say it – some people have stubby fingers. It often keeps me up at night as their engagement photos would look once they show off their ring. Or how others would react when they shake their hand. While I am fortunate to have thin fingers that pianists pining over, my closest friend does not share such privileges. Winter is coming (or rather it has arrived) and his Raynauds have gone wild at full capacity. What were once recognizable fingers are now swollen red stumps. So to your Raynaud friends, I beg you to do God’s work by giving them gloves and mittens. Cambridge’s independent store, ARK, does some really nice stuff, so go and save the poor fingers of your loved ones this holiday season.

Olivia Rhodes, fashion editor

For the beauty obsessed friend


We all have that friend who somehow miraculously reveals himself every time you see them: flawless skin, manicured brows, sharp winged eyeliner. It can be impossible to know what to give these friends, especially on a tight budget – you’ve seen their makeup bag swell with Charlotte Tilbury, and they won’t stop talking about how Dyson Air Wrap tops their wish list. But one gift that won’t break the bank and yet oozes luxury (as well as being really useful) is the Easilocks Silk Satin Pillowcase, available at ASOS. This more delicate fabric prevents hair breakage and reduces the deadly enemy of frizz, as well as being softer on the skin to retain moisture and shine, adding an ever-needed glamorous touch to their coveted beauty sleep.

Eva Morris, fashion columnist

For the friend who is still a child at heart


For that friend who peaked in his childhood and never really moved on, I recommend a bunny ear cap. I recommend it because, speaking like the friend who peaked in childhood, he manages to give just the right amount of nostalgia without getting too many weird looks. You can get them (or variants) throughout Depop. I particularly like the ones sold by thegeneralspace (for just £ 14). It’s playful without being over the top and would make anyone smile. Perfect for any kids fashion icon.

Eliane Bedu, fashion columnist

For the glamorous friend


With Emily’s imminent return to Paris just in time for Christmas, what would be more appropriate than a flashy hat and a pair of Audrey Hepburn sunglasses to scream “I am an it-girl”? With it, add a little sparkle, whether it’s a pair of sparkly fishnets or a silver phone holder, and you’ll have the much-needed Paris Hilton touch your outfit is missing.

Eleanor Antoniou, fashion columnist

For the artistic and creative friend


If you’re looking to shop for something unusual and artistic for that creative friend who spends time doing DIY projects, art galleries, or browsing vintage stores, then this beautiful handmade headband is a wonderful gift. It adds an undeniable spark of creativity to any look with its bright, botanical pattern, but can also be worn upside down for a more elegant style to instantly elevate any outfit. This is an accessory that is sure to win compliments from your friends for its unique design and the ethics behind independent activity are just as healthy.

Anna Chan, Fashion collaborator

For the friend who does not dress for the season


We all know that most people can’t wait for it to get cold “so they can really start dressing”. I consider myself one of them: tons of layers, comfy shirts, a good coat. But there comes a point where you go from moderate layering to looking like George by Seinfeld in his huge Gore-Tex down jacket (a look I personally appreciate). If your friend doesn’t want to hide his cute blouses under fleece, doesn’t want thousands of layers to break under his coat, or just braves the cold despite the chills, Uniqlo thermotechnics are a good gift to keep him warm. Heat-techs are super thin thermal garments ranging from tank tops and long sleeves to turtlenecks and leggings, which means they can be worn in layers under t-shirts or jeans without being bulky. There are lots of different colors and thickness levels to choose from according to their needs. If you’ve ever wondered how fashion week influencers in the dead of winter wear shirts with chic, subtle coats (and your friend essentially considers walking King’s Parade as their fashion week), Uniqlo heat techs are the one. answer.

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