Unassuming Antonio Williams continues to blossom

Williams was one of the most consistent and best receivers of all week at the Under Armor game as a runner, as a pass taker, everything. He tried reps, took reps and won reps.

Clemson also didn’t bid until much later than usual, but the Tigers still won for the four-star receiver in the state.

There were so many reasons Clemson beat South Carolina, Auburn, Ole Miss and others.

“Clemson wasn’t until my senior year, it was my last offer,” Williams said. “All of my offerings, in general, I didn’t get until my first year because I hurt my tithing year. I’m where I want to be now, but I still have a lot to prove.

“Sit down and talk to Dabo (Swinney) and (wide receivers) coach (Tyler) Grisham, how they produce the receivers, was really important to me. They have a lot of guys in the league making big coins. “

Playing with five-star quarterback Cade Klubnik was also a big draw. And the coach changes? This didn’t bother the unassuming Williams in the slightest.

“Talking to Cade Klubnik was also important,” Williams said. “Who wouldn’t want to play with the best quarterback in the nation? This makes my job a lot easier.

“Trainer (Brent) Venables to leave, he was a cool guy, but he didn’t hit me much because he’s on the defensive side of the ball. I sat down and talked to (offensive coordinator Brandon) Streeter even earlier (formerly OC Tony) Elliott also left. I have faith in him and he can call the plays and get the job done just as well. “

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