UA All-America Game: What we learned from Saturday’s game

ORLANDO, Fla. – Performances in the Under Armor All-America Game helped answer some of the questions we had after the week of rehearsals. Some were still unanswered, but most of the outstanding issues have been resolved. Here are the five things we learned from the Under Armor All-America Game.

Nolen and Brownlow-Dindy will be a scary combination for Texas A&M

Walter Nolen was dominant all week and this continued in the game. Prospectus no. 2 of the class bullied most of the offensive linemen he met and lived in the backfield for much of the first half. He finished the game with three tackles and a recovery fumble for the Legends team. Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy, his future running mate, only participated in training on Saturday, but on Sunday he showed up ready to play. He was sidelined due to injury for most of the fall, but he didn’t miss the chance to show off with these All-Americans. Dindy was successful with his powerful hands and then quickly disengaged to enter the backfield or make the tackle. These two elite inside linemen are expected to make Texas A&M’s defensive line one of the best in the nation.



Hunter proves more effective in defense

Travis Hunter, the No. 1 of the country, had a relatively quiet week, but popped up a few times during the defensive match. The future Jackson State star covered his catcher for most of the game, expecting a play that attracted a defensive pass interference penalty. For the most part, Hunter’s catcher wasn’t targeted, but he got a nice pass when the offense was trying to get the ball to his catcher on a screen. In the past, Hunter, who is listed as an athlete, has shown the ability to be a five-star catcher as well, but has had a hard time making an attacking impact without solid quarterback play.


Marshall is better than the # 1 receiver. 12 in this class

Another Texas A&M signer, Chris Marshall is clearly better than the 12th ranked receiver in this class. The huge outdoor receiver covers a ton of ground and has faster speed in the short area than the defensive backs predicted. Marshall was an easy target for quarterbacks in the game, getting six tricks for 84 yards. He could have added a long touchdown hold to his stats line, but the ball came out of his fingertips, one of his only falls of the entire week.


Burden and Gracial could be Missouri’s stars

It was not surprising to see Missouri signatory Luther Burden play the game. Receiver No. 1 of the nation played well all week and didn’t miss a beat early in the match. His long catch-and-run touchdown on the first game of the match is a highlight that will be shown throughout his college career and beyond. Burden finished the game with three holds for 86 yards and a touchdown. On the defensive side, the Marquis Gracial has proven to be a very robust inside lineman and has had his way with more than a few offensive lineman. It proved very difficult for the offensive linesmen to push, ending up with two tackles, a sack and a tackle for a defeat.



Great movement coming to the OL rankings

There were 12 Rivals250 offensive linemen who participated in the game, but a couple of those who didn’t finish close to the top had very good matches. Neto Umeozulu played well. The future Texas Longhorn was also one of the best offensive linemen throughout the week of practice. Kelvin Banks, the game’s best offensive lineman and Umeozulu’s future teammate in Austin, ended a memorable training week with a similar performance in the game. Meanwhile, five-star Zach Rice and Devon Campbell did well throughout the game and had very few negative plays.

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