Twee fashion: will the revival bring back toxic body image?

On TikTok, where the nuanced speech goes to die, the revival of twee has been met with harsh criticism. Many are concerned that its rebirth will inherently carry over the body image trends that accompanied its original wave, such as the gap between the thighs, eating disorder-focused communities, and pro-anorexia or pro-anorexia forums. bulimia) which not only glorified but also mesmerized eating disorders and celebrated emaciated bodies since the late 2000s. At the time, there was little regulation on content allowed online; community censorship and guidelines were vague at best, but generally non-existent.

However, with most of the trend revivals, it is quite rare for the culture to copy and paste every element of the original. Boundmoment “in a modern context. For example, in the past few years, Y2K and McBling styles have been the main macrotrends, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people swap their iPhones for pagers or revive mall rat culture. Many cultural elements that were normal and accepted during the original Y2K movement have faded in relevance. When the trend cycle inevitably shifts and starts referencing styles from the late 2000s, like indie sleaze and twee, that doesn’t mean MySpace will suddenly become the go-to social media app, nor that images of harmful behaviors will be enhanced with glitter filters and Boundsource of inspiration ”quotes Kate Moss to the peak Tumblr.

The association with dangerous body image trends and themes seems to be ingrained in age for many, depending on what stage of life you were in during specific trend cycles. For most millennials, body-image damaging ideals can be traced back to the early 2000s, when you couldn’t flip through a gossip magazine without seeing paparazzi photos of celebrities in bikinis from unflattering angles, cellulite. on display, with articles speculating on whether you are pregnant or just ordinary people in a bathing suit. When having a flat stomach to complement a bikini and low-rise jeans was the hottest and most unattainable accessory. When it was perfectly acceptable to hear reality TV stars babbling about how they were skipping the next meal because they dared to have breakfast before going out at night. When fashion professionals have set arbitrary rules on age limits for wearing a mini skirt or what silhouettes and color combinations to avoid in order to look smaller. It was ugly. It was traumatic. He has left many, to this day, imprinted with imagination Boundrules ”on what to avoid. The power of these rules was so pervasive that it essentially wiped out vertical stripes from traditional fashion.

For the younger generation Z, the twee’s association with negative body ideals comes from Tumblr and the pro-ana / mine communities it has nurtured. Tumblr’s tolerance for fascinating eating disorders peaked in tandem with the twee peak, creating a strong association between the two.


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