Tuesdays with Gorney: Latest on Under Armour All-America standouts

ORLANDO – Rivals National Recruiting Director Adam gorney is in Florida for the start of the Under Armor All-America Game. Tuesday’s media day was canceled, so Gorney is taking a look at the uncommitted, unsigned players expected in town to analyze what he’s hearing in their recruiting and more.


Ohio State was considered the clear favorite all summer and fall, but when the early acquisition period came, the defensive four-star from Duncanville, Texas didn’t sign with the Buckeyes. Many believe Ohio State is still the program to beat, but there are some rumors that Texas is trying to catch up.

Others are hearing that the Longhorns aren’t all involved at this point. At the Abor state championship, he wore Texas gloves. A source recently asked me, “If Abor is such a blockade for the state of Ohio, why didn’t he sign in December?” That’s a good question.



With De Marco Murray in the Oklahoma coaching staff, the Sooners absolutely have a chance to land Barnes, who announced his decision at the Under Armor Game. The USC has reportedly given Murray a run and there is great loyalty from Barnes as he watches the manager changes in Oklahoma and USC.

If Oklahoma isn’t the place, it looks like USC would definitely be second best. A decision should come within days and Oklahoma appears to have the upper hand right now.



Texas, Texas, Texas. Everything we’ve heard when it comes to Arlington (Texas) five-star offensive lineman Bowie is about the Longhorns and how Campbell is a block there. So what kept him from pulling the trigger and just doing it during the early signing period?

If there is a danger here it is that Campbell is very intrigued by the new Oklahoma coaching staff and that position as manager. Bill Bedenbaugh remained in Normandy. However, Texas is the team to beat.



That’s a baseless rumor, but something out there: Texas A&M may not have room for five-star safety – and that’s just how loaded the Aggies recruiting class is this cycle. If this is validated, it means LSU must love the place for Ponchatoula, La., Outstanding and the Tigers may still be the team to beat.

By not signing in the first period, he will give LSU new coach Brian Kelly time to commit and get Mathews aboard. It already has and has left a great impression. But Texas A&M is still very much present if not under a squeeze of numbers. Alabama, Texas and Florida are also mentioned for Mathews, who could engage in the Under Armor match and the Gators may have the best shot with Corey Raymond now in staff.



Texas A&M is considered to be the clear favorite in Perkins’ recruiting and if the Aggies were to win over Perkins and Shemar Stewart then this could be the bow for the outstanding recruiting class of the Aggies.

LSU will continue to have a look and Texas is in the picture, but now it would be a big surprise if it ended up elsewhere. Perkins has ties to the state of Louisiana and has talked about dreaming of playing for the Tigers, but A&M looks even better.



Texas A&M is considered to be the favorite and possibly by a wide margin as the Aggies are putting together a historic recruiting class as had been predicted by the coach Jimbo Fisher to the recruits on the trail. Miami will be making a run for Stewart, especially since he is such a coveted prospect and new coach Mario cristobalThe first task is to keep as many local talent as possible at home.

These final weeks leading up to the second signing period could give the Hurricanes an edge, but that would be surprising. Georgia is right up there in Stewart’s top three too, but is there a catalyst to catch him?



In early July, Omaha (Neb.) Central’s four-star offensive guard chose Missouri over Arizona State and others. But Woods said he practically knew where he was going to commit minutes after leaving Columbia and that he was sold to the Tigers. He hasn’t signed yet as the four-star works on his grades. It could happen in February, but if not, Woods would consider other options.




Kelvin Banks: The offensive tackle ranking is far from frozen and the all-star events are when we pinpointed when we’d have the best idea of ​​how things should play out. The five-star signed by Texas is number 1 at offensive tackle now and it could end there, but it’s really a position where a lot of movement could still occur.

Anthony Lucas: The Texas A&M signer is currently in fifth place in the strong side defense, but when Lucas turns him on, he’s probably as good as any DE in the entire class. We’ll see this week if Scottsdale (Ariz.) Chaparral take their A game to Orlando and if they do then an even higher ranking could be in store.

Jaylen Sneed: The Notre Dame linebacker signer was in the five-star discussion in the latest round of charts. He was so dominant at the Rivals Five-Star Challenge last summer, especially in the coverage and collection of passes. We really wanted to see how Sneed could go down and hit and be physical. There will be no bigger test – or chance to really impress.

Ty Chan: Could the Notre Dame offensive line signatory increase his stock this week? Chan has all the tools to be a very special offensive tackle – he’s big, physical, he can move and he’s smart, so if the Lawrence Academy in Groton (Mass.) Can stand up to national competition in Florida, then he could go up even more. However, Chan is number 11 in the offensive tackle point and number 111 overall, impressive numbers but perhaps still too low.

Denver Harris: the No. 1 in the 2022 class, Jaheim Singletary has given up on the Under Armor Game, which gives Harris the opportunity to move up if he has a great week. There was a group of three rolling towards first place with Singletary, Harris and the five star Domani Jackson leading the way. With Singletary out and Jackson not expected to attend due to injury, the Texas A&M signer will have his time to shine.

Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy: Other networks have Brownlow-Dindy ranked significantly higher, although we’ve moved the Texas A&M signer to four stars several times. The question coming up this week: Will the four-star line defender from Lakeland, Florida prove to be worthy of a top 10 position in the overall class or to be properly ranked somewhere in the top 50 somewhere.

Jeremiah Alexander: In the latest round of rankings, the Alabama signer moved up to number 4 on the overall outlook and may not be high enough. Alexander is such an impactful player that he completely dominated at the high school level, moving him to No. 2 absolute is not out of the question. Towards the end of the 2020 cycle, we moved Will Anderson to five-star status, but only to No. 22 in general. Looking back, he was definitely not tall enough. We don’t want to make the same mistake with Alexander as the two players have so many similarities.

Travis Hunter: Unless there is a complete slump on Hunter’s part during the week, the Jackson State five-star signer is likely to remain number 1 in the class. But what will be interesting is to see if any catchers can open when Hunter is in DB and if Hunter switches to WR if any defender can keep up with him. Not many have had any luck against Hunter, a weird athlete who is also a tremendous playmaker. If those players manage to lock Hunter down, they could definitely see their rankings improve.

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