Trevor Bauer, utter creep, is our No. 3 IDIOT OF THE YEAR

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Welcome to Deadspin IDIOT OF THE YEAR parties! Numbers 50 to 11 are available for you to enjoy here. And our top 10 so far:

10. Thom Brennaman

9. Ted Cruz

8. Rob Manfred

7. Kyrie Irving

6. Sage Steele

5. Urban Meyer

4. Chicago Blackhawks

3. Trevor Bauer

Although this honor was named after Trevor Bauer, it goes without saying that it fits strangely here. Not that he’s not a world-class idiot – he sure is, and he’s been able to fool enough people without ever shutting up that they’ve labeled him “bizarre” or “different”. This list should be filled with people who have accomplished things or have become entities that we could just laugh at. Some kind of city fool. Bauer is clearly much more. It’s dangerous. But then, it always has been.

We already knew that maybe there was no human being on Earth anymore in Bauer’s ass. And thanks to baseball’s media appeal to anyone (as long as he’s white) or anything that doesn’t just spit out the normal clichés, no matter how toxic or stupid, Bauer was given all the oxygen he could consume to get even more up your ass. He could feed on himself without control. While it was clear that no one playing with Bauer could handle it, and more and more stories came out about how virtually everyone hated him, broadcasters and writers couldn’t wait to tell us how “interesting” it was because he built his own pitching workshop. or used the “rotation frequency” in a sentence.

While Bauer was not wrong that pitchers used foreign substances to increase spin speed, when he started using them blatantly and bluntly right before he became a free agent, they were clearly the actions of someone who never even thought about it. to the consequences. Why should he, given the flattering general coverage he would get?

And getting $ 40 million a year from the Dodgers would hardly affect his sense of self. Losing any sense of self-awareness and being constantly fed doesn’t lead to taking a lot of care of others.

And we learned that Bauer thought of women as nothing more than costume jewelery even for a while. It couldn’t be more obvious if he just walked around with a flashing neon band that said “SOCIOPATH”. It was all there. So for him supposedly violating a woman (or two) for his own pleasure isn’t really a huge shock, even if the details are terrifying. Bauer is a monster, and he was one in plain sight.

Perhaps it’s an indication of the futility or problems with MLB’s domestic violence policy that only Bauer may never play again after facing the allegations, regardless of whether he is prosecuted or not. He must have been such a furious asshole that his teammates and employers want nothing to do with him and no other team could justify his signing (for now). This is what it takes to do crimes like these allegedly to attack a player to end his career. Which should happen more often, as we know.

We can’t laugh at Trevor Bauer, and he’ll be rich anyway, but all of this falls apart. All we can do is shake our heads at how readily it has been promoted and protected and how much of its success is a reflection of society as a whole.


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