Tori Roloff Shares Photo Snapped by ‘Photographer’ Jackson

This passion belongs to the family! Small people, big world star and photographer Tori Roloff shared a photo taken by his son Jackson, with whom he shares husband Zach Roloff, during their recent trip to Williamsburg, Virginia.

“Jackson also wanted to take pictures for the whole trip and the last picture is thanks to him !!” wrote about the photo she shared in a series of shots taken from their trip. “My heart as a photographer is so proud!”

In the photo, Jackson’s parents stand on the shoreline of a beach hugging each other.

Tori added that being “in real places with so much history was a real pleasure” and “it was only when I was actually here that I felt the weight of what really happened here”.

Courtesy of Tori Roloff / Instagram

Jackson’s stint behind the camera comes after he had a tough experience with leg surgery and recovery from the operation.

“Our sweet Jackson underwent surgery today to help correct sagging legs,” Tori told her fans via Instagram on Nov.30, praising her son’s resilience.

“Watching your child in pain is never something a parent wants to go through,” she continued. “However, we trust his doctors and our Lord that this was the best decision for him… I love you little J! Let’s go home and make popcorn! ”

Jackson will soon be the big brother of another brother, as Tori and Zach announced in November 2021 that they were they are expecting their third child together.

In addition to the upcoming baby, whose due date is in the spring of 2022, and Jackson, the LPBW the couple also shares Lilah, 2 year old daughter.

While the couple decided they didn’t know the sex of their future child, Zach had feelings about whether or not the baby was going to be a boy or a girl.

“I think it’s a boy. I want him to be a boy, “Zach said in a video shared on TLC, noting that he’d be happy anyway. He added,” I think it would be really cool to have a boy-girl-boy. “

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