Tori Roloff Reacts After Jeremy Says ‘LPBW’ ‘Fabricates Drama’

Family feud? Tori Roloff spoke after his brother-in-law Jeremy Roloff claimed Small people, big world “make the drama” on the show.

During an Instagram Q&A session with fans on Sunday, January 2, a fan asked: “Thoughts on Jer saying that LPBW does more harm than good and has to stop? “In response, the pregnant reality star – expecting baby # 3 from her husband Zach Roloff – he replied: “I don’t know what he said, but every single family has to make their own decisions. It still works for our family and we enjoy it [sic] our story. “He added:” It had to end for them. “

Courtesy of Tori Roloff / Instagram

During a separate Q&A session with fans, Jeremy revealed that he left his family’s successful TLC series because he no longer wanted to be “associated with it.”

“He’s become that athlete who just doesn’t hang his boots, so he’s hurting the team and hurting himself in the process,” the podcast host wrote, according to a screenshot shared on Without a Crystal Ball. “Audrey and I had other things we wanted to do besides making TV dramas.” That said, the father of three, who shares children Ember, Bode and Radley with his wife Audrey Roloff – he added that he is “grateful for the opportunity” and that “it was a great race”.

In July 2018, Jeremy and Audrey announced via social media that they would be withdrawing from LPBW but it would not “disappear completely”. They have since become New York Times Best-selling authors for their book A life letter of love. They also hosted their popular “Beating 50 Percent” podcast and released a second book Creative love: 10 ways to build a fun and lasting love.

After their announcement, Jer didn’t hold back when asked if they had any regrets over their decision. “No! No,” he said exclusively In contact cameras while promoting their first book. Audrey then stepped in and laughed: “No, don’t be bad!”

“We wouldn’t be able to do what we’re doing without it,” admitted Auj, to which Jeremy agreed. “It was an amazing experience and if someone asks me about the show, I always say, ‘If I could do it all over again, I would.’ And I think it sums up my experience on that very well. “He continued:” It was great. It was so much fun. So much growth. It’s just time to do something else. “

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