Tori Roloff Apologizes for Hinting Dog Murphy Died

The choice of words is very important. Small people, big world star Tori Roloff she apologized to fans who thought her family’s dog, Murphy, had died after revealing he was “in heaven” in a deleted Instagram story.

“I feel like a terrible person. I meant Murphy was in heaven because of all the snow. For example, he’s so excited about all the snow, “Tori, 30, cleared the air via her Instagram stories on Monday, Dec. 27, after sharing photos of her family enjoying their first snowfall in their new one. house in DC. “He’s still alive. He’s running out.”

He shared a second video with their quasi 3 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, “Murphy is right here. To see? He’s still alive, he’s still doing his thing. “

“Hahaha, this is Murphy having so much fun in the snow,” the mom of two jokingly wrote along with a photo of the dog outside about her story. “Is that a better caption?”

Tori Roloff / Instagram

Tori and her husband, Zach Roloff, 31, have had to calm fans down about Murphy’s fate in the past, simply because the photographer doesn’t share as many pictures of Murphy as he used to on his social media accounts. Now his posts are more dedicated to their children, Jackson, 4 and Lilah, 2. With child n. 3 coming soon, Murphy may have to wait a little longer to be in the social media spotlight again.

In the summer, Tori told fans concerned that the family “did not give it awayAfter noticing that his appearances on his Instagram account were few and far between.

“He is still alive. He is still living his best life waiting for the snacks to drop,” he wrote on June 25, adding that he “sometimes discourages what the Internet posts” about his family.

“What you see is a small piece of our entire history. Just because Murphy isn’t shared every day doesn’t make him any less loved, “TLC’s personality continued.” He just has to compete with two kids for screen time. ”

Since the family moved to Battlefield, WashingtonIn October, both Tori’s children and Zach and their puppy got along well – even Murphy has found its place in the house.

“He’s so loving and kind and uncoordinated and sassy and a bit of a goof all rolled into one. I love this puppy and I am so thankful that he is part of our family, “wrote Tori about the family dog ​​in January 2019.” I love you Murphy. Thanks for having reciprocated. “

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