Top 5 Ole Miss Fashion Trends for 2021

by Erin Foley

Hottytoddy Fashion Contributor

In the world of Ole Miss fashion, 2021 was absolutely a year of trends. I believe in finding your own style rather than following every trend, but sometimes you have to follow a couple to figure out which one suits you best. Here are some of my favorite trends that hit campus in 2021:

  1. Satin
    1. Yes, again satin. Anyone who has read my column knows how much you love the Ole Miss satin trend. But this time I’m talking about satin shirts. Satin dresses have been growing in popularity for a long time now, but satin shirts didn’t get as much love until 2021.
    2. Satin shirts are perfect for bringing elegance to the party, whether it’s a cowl neckline or a button. In addition, these satin buttons can be worn in the square or in the workplace. Satin shirts are very versatile, it all depends on how you combine them.
  2. Vintage for men
    1. Vintage will never go out of style, but in the last year it has taken over men’s fashion from Ole Miss. Although vintage in women’s fashion has been around for a long time, men’s fashion is finally catching on. Perhaps my favorite trend of 2021, Ole Miss’s vintage hoodies, hats or even windbreakers are going huge with Ole Miss men. The slightly different colors and font of those iconic Ole Miss letters elevate a simple outfit.
  3. White boots
    1. You know those. White boots, most often mid-calf, are a staple for Ole Miss fashion. If you were to walk around the square on a Friday night or in the grove on match day, you would probably see too many.
    2. I tried to resist the classic white boots to avoid being a follower trend, but I have to admit I love them. They are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a day at the Boschetto or a nice dinner in the Piazza. Boots can also dress up or embellish a dress. If you invest in a comfortable pair, they will last you a lifetime at Ole Miss.
  4. Hokas
    1. Finally, some ankle support. Hokas have finally gotten popular from Ole Miss and I couldn’t be happier. On-Clouds will always be popular at Ole Miss, and I consider them good for light everyday wear. However, for those like me who need more support, the popularity of the Hokas is huge. With both stylish sneakers, Ole Miss students can have the best of both worlds: style and support.
    2. Hokas are great because they represent how Ole Miss is jumping on the comfy shoe trend. The past year brought the idea of ​​exploring authentic training shoes as everyday shoes. In addition to providing comfort, they give Ole Miss non-athletes the feeling of an athletic and healthy lifestyle.
  5. Custom Converse
    1. The idea of ​​Custom Converse is sweeping the entire nation, with the company currently unable to make custom shoes due to such high demand. At Ole Miss, men find Custom Converse to be a great way to elevate their style in a subtle way. Custom Converse are on my Best of 2021 list because they encourage individuality. Trends are fun but they can cost a lot, and if you can’t afford it, you feel left out. Custom Converse allows for an affordable and unique choice of men’s shoes that don’t cost hundreds of dollars.

I’m overly excited to see what 2022 will bring to Ole Miss fashion, but for now I hope these five trends are in step with the new year.

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