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Where would the company be without NFL referees that everyone would join? We haven’t seen a collective group of people so universally hated since before Nickelback became an ironically cool band to listen to.

Strip idiocy has risen to new heights in 2021 albeit with the implementation of the mockery rule. The most iconic moment of this new edict came in week 9, when the Bears took on the Steelers.

After a huge sack at a crucial moment in the game, Chicago linebacker Cassius Marsh “waved” to the Steelers bench. That’s all. That was enough for referee Tony Corrente to throw his yellow laundry. Current tried to defend the call with this inert comment: “Keep in mind that mockery is a point of emphasis this year. I saw [Marsh] run over to the Pittsburgh Steelers bench area and position yourself so that you feel he was making fun of them. “

To answer in the referee’s language: after further review, this is some bullshit. All Marsh did was take a few steps to the Pittsburgh bench and stare at them from twenty yards away. He didn’t even pose. It literally just stood there and bounced slightly like it was in a Bella Poarch TikTok video.

Of course, this is just one of the bad calls the league’s referee corps made this year. They also called the Raiders tight end Darren Waller for taunting after him aimed the ball close in the general vicinity of the Chargers.

And it’s not just penalties for touchy taunts! Referees allowed the Ravens to kick a 66-yard winning field goal against the Lions in week 3 against the Baltimore Ravens after missing an obvious penalty for late game. They robbed Dak Prescott of a running touchdown in his team’s game against the Eagles in Week 3. Then, they robbed the QB Cowboys of another running touchdown in Week 6 against New England. Incidentally, Prescott missed the ball on his next play in that New England game.

We’ve only scratched the tip of the ref-tomfoolery iceberg, yet we haven’t even begun to unravel the penalties for passersby yet. Yes, it has been a horrible season for NFL referees.


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