Tom Brady’s New Fashion Label Is a Shameless Burst of Logomania

The era of celebrities turning into entrepreneurs is becoming enduring. Beyoncé has her own fashion brand Ivy Park, Mariah Carey has her own Black Irish cream liqueur and now NFL star Tom Brady has thrown his hat into the ring with his new sportswear line aptly named BRADY. And he seems as determined to be as successful as a fashion entrepreneur as he is in the field.

Brady began by recruiting 10 NCAA and newly enlisted professional athletes to campaign for the collection, including freshman of the year Shedeur Sanders, son of famed football player Deion Sanders, and Cade McNamara of Tom Brady’s alma mater, University of Michigan, and the first quarterback to beat Ohio State in a decade. Of course that was to be expected with top talent launching his brand, but it didn’t stop there.

Brady went so far as to create his own Pantone color, Brady Blue. This bold blue tone has been described by the brand as embodying the brand’s “founding principles for being the best you can be, inspiring courage, resilience and confidence to achieve peak performance. Exuding strength and confidence, Brady Blue is an incredible shades of blue with an emblematic intensity of Tom Brady’s self-determination and commitment to precision.

Brady was co-founded with entrepreneur Jens Grede and was co-designed by Dao-Yi Chow, better known as half of the duo behind Public School, a brand that was once one of New York Fashion’s hottest tickets. Week and was brought in by retailers including Bloomingdale’s and

While it might be easy to accuse Tom Brady of simply slapping his name on a for-profit fashion line, he is also clearly doing everything he can to ensure the line’s success. (No one would invest the time and effort to have the Pantone Color Institute create a unique shade of blue for you if they weren’t looking to score a touchdown in the fashion industry.)

With 142,000 followers on the brand’s Instagram account, the customer base is already there. In an interview with Good morning America, he also said: “I enjoyed doing it. I mean, I’ve always loved fashion and clothing and I wanted to be as practical as possible. “

As for the reasoning behind Brady’s desire to launch a fashion line, he hinted to NBC Sports about his retirement from the NFL. “I always said 45 was the age I wanted to reach and that was my goal,” said Brady.

When he left the New England Patriots, for whom he played from 2001 to 2019, he signed a two-year deal with his current team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This August, Brady turns 45 and it is speculated that he will retire once his contract with the Buccaneers expires.

Now for the perennial multimillion-dollar question that haunts every celebrity fashion label: How much do Tom Brady fans really want his clothes?

And so, with potential off-pitch life on the horizon, he turns to other projects. He is also no stranger to the fashion industry, having married supermodel Gisele Bündchen in 2009 and co-chasing the Met Gala with her in 2017. He also did the cover of GQ.

Now for the perennial multimillion-dollar question that haunts every celebrity fashion label: How much do Tom Brady fans really want his clothes?

Waltham, Massachusetts designer David Josef told WCVB that the collection features garments suitable for both workout and everyday life. “He split it into Live, Train, BRADY,” Josef told WCVB. “’Live’ is when you go to the supermarket and you want to wear that kind of clothes: fewer tank tops and more plain shirts and pants, but not really gym clothes. ‘Train’ is when you do yoga or work out in the gym. There is something for everyone “.

A quick trip to already shows that the brand’s cool-touch short-sleeved t-shirt is already out of stock in certain colors and sizes. The t-shirt in a color described as storm, which is a shade of blue, is completely sold out and there is a waiting list to be announced for restocking.

Again this is really just a classic blue shirt. Unique details include a “BRADY” logo between the neckline and sleeve and a “T” symbol for Tom on the sleeves. At $ 75 it’s not quite a luxury, but predictably above what you’d expect your average American to pay for a shirt given the inflation and rising cost of living. However, Brady has proven that his customer base is there and they are already as loyal to his fashion line as they are on football Sundays.

The overall look of these clothes could be described as ready for the football field, athletics or tennis court. While the “BRADY” branding could obviously stand out like the Lacoste alligator, on other items, such as sweaters, it is not present. The line includes a full collection of hoodies with “BRADY” splashed across the chest, and it probably won’t be long before paparazzi photograph Brady himself in one of them. This is a perfect collection for people who want to tell you they are wearing Tom Brady’s new clothing line.

A quick Twitter search for “Brady Brand” offers a myriad of opinions ranging from people happy to order to “support their favorite person” to people complaining that the prices are too high. At the end of the day, he couldn’t please everyone, but he already has people talking and buying. In an effort to bring Logomania into 2022, Tom Brady appears to be successful.


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