Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239: Mitsuya to win fashion competition & join Thousand Winters

Ken Wakui wrote and illustrated the Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since March 2017. Tokyo-Revengers-Chapter 239 is the next chapter that will be released on Tuesday without interruption.

Previously in Tokyo Reveners

The Battle of the Three Gods breaks out and, after intense fighting between all three gangs, the battle ends with Mikey killing South. The mystery behind the fight has yet to be revealed in Tokyo Reangers Chapter 239. The new era of Takemichi begins.

After spending a few days in the hospital, Takemichi forms his team called Thousand Winters to dominate KantouManji. Chifuyu becomes the first member to join Takemichi’s gang. Takemichi provides uniforms to members. The uniforms are designed by Chifuyu. There is an image of a cat drawn in the middle of the uniform. Then gradually HakkaiShiba, Inupi join the group. Now, everyone is eager to see if Thousand Winters can gather more members to join their gang to take on Mikey. Tokyo Reangers chapter 239 will reveal Takemichi and Thousand Winters’ next plan to challenge Mikey.

Mikey is now the top gang leader in Japan and can now be called Tokyo’s top gangster. After the War of the Three Gods, members of the Terano South gang are also added to Mikey’s gang. making it even more powerful.

The Tokyo Avengers Chapter 238

The last chapter of the Japanese manga tells the story of Mitsuya’s reaction to Draken’s sudden death. Mitsuya and Draken were famous as the Tokyo Manji gang twin dragons for having the same tattoo design.

Thousand Winters members visit Mitsuya’s home to get close to him to join the team. When they arrive at her house, they see that Mitsuya is sewing clothes without paying attention to her health. He doesn’t even eat.

Mitsuya says she is just keeping her promise to Draken. Previously, when Draken met Mitsuya, he asked him to become a designer. Draken told him he is destined to stay with Mikey, so he asked Mitsuya to fulfill his last wish to become a stylist. However, Hakkai realizes that Mitsuya may not be interested in Thousand Winters’ invitation. Draken’s accident breaks him and he becomes a hermit.

Her sister, Runa, tells Mitsuya to shut herself up in the darkroom and spend the whole day creating new projects to make her friend’s dream come true.

Out of respect for Mitsuya’s wishes, Takemichi and his gang visit the award ceremony site on the day of the parade.

The Tokyo Avengers Chapter 239

Tokyo Reangers Chapter 239 could show the outcome of the fashion contest. It could also show Mitsuya’s final decision on whether to join the team or not. Fans speculate that Mitsuya will win the competition and this will clear his mind and encourage him to join Takemichi’s team.

If the design Mitsuya made for the competition becomes the best, it can convert into Takemichi’s new gang uniform in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239.

Tokyo Revendingers Chapter 239 will be released on January 25, 2022. Fans can read the chapters of the manga on the official Kodansha website, but they should pay to read the latest Tokyo Reangers chapters. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to receive updates on Japanese manga chapters.

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