Time for Straight Talk – Bill’s Message of the Day

This column will take no prisoners. Nor will it evacuate anyone. No, what I write must be said and I will say it.

President Biden cannot effectively manage the United States of America. He is directly responsible for the death and destruction in Afghanistan and for thousands of poor migrants being brutalized right now in Mexico.

These are large-scale humanitarian disasters.

Mr. Biden is a belittled man living in a world of delusions. And now the whole world knows.

Nobody really understands who, exactly, is running the executive branch of the United States government. It’s certainly not Joe Biden. But the president has hired his staff, cabinet members and awakened generals, who are embarrassing the military and putting them in grave danger.

Corrupt corporate media are also responsible for the incredible chaos Biden has wreaked in seven months. His destructive hatred of President Trump has brought us to this point. The press has done everything possible, including peddling falsehoods of rank, to humiliate and destroy Trump. The result: Perhaps the most incompetent leader in American history today works in the Oval Office.

Even now, anti-Trump fanatics like Juan Williams and Matthew Dowd are throwing up gibberish nonsense about what great work old Joe is doing.

The Democratic Party is also responsible for the madness that is on vivid display. Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not answer questions about Afghanistan. Why should it? The congresswoman can’t even explain why her district of San Francisco is overrun with crime and social chaos.

Furthermore, every single American who voted for Joe Biden is indirectly responsible for America’s dramatic decline. And not just overseas or on the border. Inflation gallops, individual work ethic is destroyed, along with important American traditions such as due process and self-reliance.

Yes, most of the people who voted for Biden did it to get rid of Trump. But voting on emotion almost always leads to disaster. And that is what we are facing now as a nation.

Like many Americans, I shudder when the president of the United States has to answer questions or read the hunchback. I have been around long enough to know when a person is unable to get a job done. There is no debate on this: Joe Biden cannot rule the country and the damage he is doing is incalculable.

As for the return, come on, man (as Biden would say)! Biology is a definite science. Each person ages. We are all slaves of time.

Joe Biden’s time has passed. He is unable to make complicated decisions. He and his gang of facilitators will not improve.

It is the truth. I’m glad I said that.

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