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Tiger Woods will make his return to the PNC championship this weekend, ten months after breaking his leg in a February car accident; the 45-year-old will play alongside his 12-year-old son Charlie in Orlando, Florida; Woods: “We’re here to have fun”

Last updated: 17/12/21 21:49

Tiger Woods will return to action at the PNC championship ten months after the February car crash

Tiger Woods was all smiles ahead of this weekend’s PNC championship as he makes his highly anticipated return to racing after a February car crash smashed his leg.

The 15-time winner of the most victories will play alongside 12-year-old son Charlie in Orlando, Florida, months after the car accident that nearly led to his leg amputation.

Woods told a reporter on the pitch that he was overwhelmed by the response he had received from fans.

“People have been so receptive, so warm and caring. I didn’t expect it to be, but it was so positive and (I’m) so grateful,” he said.

Woods and son Charlie will start Saturday at 12:18 PM ET (1718 GMT) along with good friend and world number six Justin Thomas, who is playing with his dad Mike.

When asked what it feels like to swing a golf club again, Woods chuckled and replied, “It depends when you ask me.

“Now he’s getting a little more sore.

“It’s nice to be back here to play and to be here with my son like this, it’s the best.”

Woods produced one of the sport's great returns when he won the Masters in 2019

Woods produced one of the sport’s great returns when he won the Masters in 2019

The 45-year-old made one of the most incredible comebacks in the sport when he won the Masters in 2019 to end an 11-year drought for the main title and collect his fifth green jacket, adding to his reputation as one of the most ferocious in the sport. competitors.

But Woods said his return to the field this weekend wasn’t so much to beat the odds as to simply enjoy time with his son, who dazzled fans with his powerful thrust.

“We’re here to have fun,” Woods said. “And I told (Charlie) it’s the most important thing to do this week, have fun. The score will take care of itself – we will feed on each other – but make sure you communicate and make sure you have fun.”

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