Three-star RB Rayshon Luke makes Pac-12 decision


Early in his recruitment, Rayshon Luke was serious about UCLA, but the two sides never merged. That doesn’t mean the all-purpose three-star high back won’t end up playing in the Pac-12.

Luke – whose nickname is Speedy because he’s so fast and dynamic with football in his hands – got involved in Arizona during Louisville and others on Saturdays during the All-American Bowl.

For a while it looked like the Cardinals were going to win, but Arizona continued to recruit Bellflower (California) champion St. John Bosco who celebrated his 18th birthday on Friday and ended up winning in his recruit.


“(My visit) was very, very big. What stood out the most was the culture and it was very family oriented. There was a lot of love and not only that, but they also have good players coming up. I was expecting a whole NFL coaching staff. This left me speechless from every position. Getting to know the coach right (fish), is fantastic. Trainer Scottie Graham it’s great, so all these guys have been under these guys, I know we’ll be fine. “


Arizona have been 1-11 this season, but help is on the way.

Five-star receiver Tetairoa McMillan arrived late from Oregon and could immediately contribute to the Wildcats’ attack. He will come with numerous teammates served from Anaheim (California).

Luke could be of great help too. After running 944 yards and 10 touchdowns in his senior season, the tall three-star has shown his speed and ability to escape all year against outstanding competition. Fisch and his staff should find all ways to get Luke the ball and allow him to be the playmaker he has become.

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