Thom Brennaman — and there’s a deep drive by Castellanos

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Thom Brennaman, born on third base to think he scored a triple is proof that there is no such thing as erasing culture.

When it was licensed by Fox Sports in 2020 – something he saw coming during his infamous “deep drive of Castellanos“Failed excuses: It would have made sense if Brennaman had to look for another line of work. Call it the culture of cancellation, or call it dealing with consequences for your actions, but there is a logical flow for” the man says homophobic slur on air, man never plays another game. ”

But Brennaman aired the games, called high school football in Cincinnati, and tried to turn streaming prep sports into a business. We learned this from a flatterer Sports broadcast journal interview in which Brennaman talked about the difficulty he had, how much help he received from incredibly famous and powerful people like Bob Costas and fellow broadcaster Joe Buck, how he thought Fox would “make a statement” by hiring him again, and how much was proud to have invited Urban Meyer to join his podcast. The latter got a lot more fun later on.

Just because your dad was the longtime voice of the Cincinnati Reds doesn’t mean it’s your birthright to have the same job for as long as you want. Brennaman already got away with being a bad broadcaster for years, but after being fired for reasons he too could understand, he felt he had to be welcomed back with open arms after “14 months of hell?”

Brennaman talks a lot about how he is “a man of faith” and “a good Christian”, but at no time does he seem to grasp the concept of penance. In the year after he did something so egregious, that it was taken out of the air, what did Brennaman do to make amends?

“I immediately spoke to Billy Bean, who is MLB’s director of inclusion and social responsibility,” Brennaman said. “He offered to help me and he did.”

That’s right, he talked to one (1) gay man, who … helped him? How did it help him? Why is Bean’s job also to assist Brennaman? Help him understand that you don’t say “f–” into a hot mic?

No, Brennaman still doesn’t get it, which he showed in his critique, in the same interview, of Grant Napear who missed his broadcast concert with the Sacramento Kings for an “All Lives Matter” tweet.

“How do you justify it? What did he do? “Asked Brennaman.” If we live in an environment where BLM matters, don’t all lives count? Does that make you a racist? How ridiculous is that? ”

The ridiculous thing is to keep not understanding, or pretending not to understand, that “Black Lives Matter” is directly related to police violence and that saying “All Lives Matter” in response is like telling someone whose house is on fire: “All Lives Matter” Homes matter. ”

Brennaman could be an idiot for that alone. With his ongoing act of persecution, even as he keeps saying what happens in sporting events in exchange for money, Brennaman is shortlisted for IDIOT OF THE YEAR.


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