This 17-game NFL schedule is terrible, just like the process of trying to buy Air Jordans

I agree.
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With the world trying to garner some cheer in another muted holiday seasonand from COVID, personally I would like to offer a sincerehumbug to the NFL and SNKRS app. I didn’t want much last weekend, just a little pre-Christmas. Instead, I got two lumps of coal with an unofficial SNKRS L app and another largely boring NFL Sunday.

I expected to be disappointed with the SNKRS app. I had my eye on that reissue of Cool Gray 11, but obviously the same was true for the planet. And like much of the planet, I couldn’t get a couple. In all honesty to the legit sneakerheads of the world, at first I didn’t really know the drop was last Saturday, I just knew it would come. On Saturday I woke up at 7 for no reason, so I did what any groggy millennial would do: I browsed social media.

My Twitter history was full of people talking about taking L on the SNKRS app. At around 7:20 am, after looking into some of the complaints, I still wasn’t able to fully understand which shoe they were talking about, so I went to Google and found that the Cool Gray I wanted had indeed been released that day. It was an instant adrenaline rush of disappointment for both the popular basketball shoe buying system and myself for forgetting to check the exact day so I could plan my disappointment correctly.

Then on Sunday there was another bad slate on NFL football. The NFL plays in less than half the weeks of the year. With the NFL being America’s favorite league, hopefully the anticipation of the games at the end of the week will pay off with enthusiasm. Last Sunday, there were mostly tantrums and boredom. If not for the fourth-quarter comebacks from the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills sending their games to simultaneous overtime, that Sunday would have been better spent without postponing my christmas shopping

The problem with the shoes and the NFL on the one hand is the same: the amount of each that is offered to the public. On the other hand, the problems are completely different: there are too many NFL games and too few printed shoes.

NFL, only once may you worry about the quality of your product. Player safety became a burning issue that needed to be addressed with the CTE becoming an issue that was costing people’s lives. The NFL has decided to do contact to the helmet regulations more rigorous, and be more diligent in enforcing excessive rules already in place.

Then, they added a Thursday night game. Not just Thanksgiving or the opening weekend, but a consistent nationwide date-television game. The players complained, most of the games were terrible and now Amazon has purchased the Thursday night football package.

Not satisfied with diluting the product enough, the NFL wanted to expand to a 18-game program for years and for 2021 finally added a regular season game. The result? F.our teams had a hello in week 14 of the season, December 12. Those four teams were the Indianapolis Colts, the Miami Dolphins, the New England Patriots, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Four teams vying for the playoffs, all fighting for a place in the tournament, or the Patriots case, the absolute seed n. Combine the weeks of waiting with injuries that hit teams like snowflakes in Buffalo and poor refereeing, weeksafter-most of these games, sometimes all of them, are not pleasant to watch.

While the NFL is making its products worse with more, shoe companies are making theirs worse with less. Jordan Brand hasn’t released the Cool Gray 11 since 2010. Then on Saturday they release a limited amount that will mostly be claimed by sneaker robots, algorithms that allow those who own them to get a better place on the digital line.

When I wanted a pair of Iversons in junior high, I went to the store and bought them, no camping required. In high school, if I wanted a popular pair of basketball shoes, I’d go to the Foot Locker club. If they weren’t in stock, the worst-the case scenario would be order them at Eastbay. In 2021, if I really want these Cool Grays, I will have to pay a lot more than the retail price on the resale market.

Remember in boomerang, at the Thanksgiving table, when John Witherspoon was talking about Eddie Murphy’s problem? His solution after licking all his fingers, “Flip it. Don’t be …” so I won’t finish that line. If you know you know, but that’s what the NFL and the sneaker business has to do, reverse course or maybe thinking about swapping positions (that’s a great joke, if you don’t like your opinion it doesn’t matter).

More shoes, less football. If we can’t agree on how to slow down a virus, at least let’s get some good kicks and better NFL games. At least we’ll feel better.


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