Things Are Bad for the Biden Administration – Bill’s Message of the Day

This is how bad things go for President Biden. His administration has broken off talks with migrant lawyers who want money for separated families.

The situation began when the ACLU sued the federal government on behalf of foreign nationals who entered the US illegally and separated from their children by border patrol. The ACLU asks for billions in liquidation cash.

At first, Biden’s people were nice and that’s where the $ 450,000 payout story came from. But Joe Biden himself shot it down.

Now, the situation at the border is so bad that migrant lawyers are charging far more than $ 450,000 per family. Mr. Biden knows that paying for this would doom his administration with the voters, so he leaves and litigation will begin.

It’s all falling apart for Joe B. And he might know it too.

Good weekend. New column coming Sunday at noon.

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