These 2021 TV relationships Make Us Believe in Love

Merry Christmas from E! to you!

The best way to spread the Christmas cheer is singing out loud for all to hear remembering our favorite TV couples of the year. We made this list, checked it twice, and collected our all-time favorite TV couples that prove love exists. Why how Hugh Grant he would say: “Love actually is all around.”

This year has been full of lovely TV couples. Some have had their share of hard times, like Marcus (William Jackson Harper) it’s mine (Jessica Williams) on Love life, others their relationships have just begun, such as Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) and Nick (Scott Speedman) on Grey’s Anatomy, and some, well, are direct couple goals. We’re watching you, Charlotte (Christine Davis) and Harry Goldenblatt (Evan Handler)!

From Wanda and Vision dancing in the living room to WandaVision, to Zoey and Max becoming “more than friends” on Zoey’s amazing playlist, these moments make us look back and think: “maybe this year was not so bad”. Also, no screaming “and they lived happily ever after” more than a trip to Neil Lane on Graduation in heaven!

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