The Year of Fashion: The 11 best-dressed celebrities of 2021

2021 was quite a year, with political turmoil, the ongoing pandemic, the Olympics, natural disasters and more. The fashion world has seen the return of the Met Gala and other fashion events in person and the tragic death of Virgil Abloh, a fashion pioneer. Harry Styles did his Love on Tour, where fans turned the tour into a fashion show. “Dune” and “House of Gucci” inspired fashion lovers everywhere.

Fashion has always been a tool for expressing emotions, opinions and innovation, and in my opinion these Tik Tokers, musicians, actors, athletes, influencers and politicians were the ones who did best this year!

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Tik Tok is where the future of fashion lies – young people showing their insanely creative ideas on clothing push the boundaries and inspire everyone!

Clara Perlmutter is the definition of controversial. Her looks often include whimsical prints, contrasting colors and unusual silhouettes. Lettuce leaf earrings are one of her favorite pieces, along with golden Isabel Marant wedge sneakers.

As Perlmutter dresses up, viewers watch her pull out pieces that never seem to fit together, and in the end, she looks insanely cool and quirky. Perlmutter gives viewers permission to get as weird as possible with their clothes. The unexpected layering and the clash of colors are things I learned from Perlmutter.

Although one of his most common comments on Tik Tok includes something along the lines of “Is this a joke?” I think Clara Perlmutter is pure genius.

Wisdom Kaye is literally the future of fashion. Futuristic silhouettes, dramatic coats, giant shades, a ’70s fit and perhaps’ Dune’ inspired looks define Kaye’s style.

Personally, I am obsessed. Rick Owens is one of Kaye’s favorite designers, along with Balmain. I love a good dystopian novel for YA and Kaye’s style is reminiscent of my dream hero “The Hunger Games” or “Maze Runner”.

Similar to Perlmutter, Kaye isn’t afraid to get a little weird with jewelry and even face coverings, and her layering is expert. Vogue named him Tik Tok’s most dressed up, but honestly? I think Kaye wins best dress of 2021.

Fabulous. Amazing. Elegant. Carla Rockmore teaches her followers how to dress colorfully and gracefully. Funky glasses are part of his signature and bold prints, strong colors and classic silhouettes are his typical outfit formulas. It takes colors that don’t seem to match and matches them almost magically.

Each of her looks is accompanied by quirky jewelry and a bright bag, and her glamorous demeanor makes every outfit. His closet is to be envied: most of my apartment could fit in it. It makes aging seem exciting and, as a 50+ year old Tik Toker, is an inspiration for those of any age.


The world of music knows how to dress: it was difficult to narrow it down to two. Honorable mentions include the obvious – Rihanna and ASAP Rocky – and everyone’s celebrity crush, Doja Cat.

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Cardi B’s style is iconic. She is sexy, she is charming and she is incredibly funny. She actually wears monochromatic clothing quite often, something I believe is a surefire formula for a great outfit.

Cardi loves glitter and bling, and all of her dresses sparkle. Feathers are another of her favorite components, lending an almost art deco quality to many of her looks.

Like many of the people on this list, Cardi is no stranger to original accessories, including a gold mask and a wide variety of opera gloves. More than anything else, Cardi B remembers that fashion is supposed to be fun – if you’re not having fun with your clothes, you’re not doing it right!

To participate in an art installation at the Arc de Triomphe, Cardi wore fluttering trousers in bright green, a matching shirt, and a headdress that framed her face like petals. I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about it.

OK, maybe this is basic, but honestly, that’s fine by me.

Like millions of people around the world, I love Harry Styles. I love his music, his energy, but most of all I love his style. Her extravagant sweaters: does anyone remember the sheepskin jacket? – they are proof that winter fashion can be colorful and fun, and its trusty pearl choker is the perfect way to dress up any outfit (and looks super cool when paired with a more edgy look).

Love On Tour, designed by Harry Lambert, saw Styles wearing a different custom Gucci outfit every night. His fans followed suit: arriving at his concerts was like walking on a red carpet. Flashy suits and ’70s-inspired fits are some of Style’s hallmarks, and he’s well accustomed to shimmering shirts, vests, or even pants.

Finally, while Styles was definitely not the first to dabble in androgyny, he does so with an ease that even encourages his fans to feel more comfortable doing it. Of all those on this list, Styles is personally the one I draw the most inspiration from.


Honestly, Zendaya was the only actor I was inspired by in 2021. Honorable mention to Gemma Chan!

Has Zendaya ever been sick? Maybe, but not in 2021.

She was involved in two major films this year, “Dune” and “Spiderman: No Way Home”. This gave her several opportunities to make her mark on the red carpet.

Zendaya is all about bold elegance, an expert who looks graceful yet incredibly hot at the same time. She is close friends with her stylist Law Roach, and that intimacy is clear in the choices Roach makes for Zendaya: he knows exactly how to make her shine. Effortlessly embrace color, not afraid to go bold and bright. I love how Roach draws inspiration from his films to style his red carpet looks.

Her looks for all “Spiderman” events were inspired by the show: a black dress with a gold metal spine and a spider mask over her eyes. My favorite of her 2021 outfits is the Vivienne Westwood look she wore to the premiere of “Dune”, a silver chunky chain top with a brown and white checkered skirt. I want.


This year I befriended a sports journalist and learned that sport has a lot more to offer than just games.

Jaren Jackson Jr. of the state of Michigan easily makes this list. The Memphis Grizzlies player knows how to put an outfit together. Similar to most of my fashion favorites, Jackson Jr. loves good print and flashy colors. The white sneakers seem to be one of his staples, as well as the leather pants. Simple chain jewelry accentuates many of his outfits and this man loves his leopard print. Jackson’s Instagram contains a quote from designer Tom Ford who says, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” If that’s true, call Jackson the Queen of England.

Tennis star Naomi Osaka is a fashion source for everyday Generation Z. Loose jeans, pink hair and teddy bear nails are some of her fashion staples, and she’s also a fan of Louis Vuitton. He collaborated with Nike and Levi’s to design exclusive tennis shoes and one-of-a-kind pieces in recycled denim. Osaka’s wonderfully sporty aesthetic is super achievable – try a fun print in a classic silhouette with a sneaker and there you are!

Also, Osaka understands the political impact of clothes. In addition to being the best woman in tennis and a champion of athletes’ mental health, Osaka understands the power of fashion and wields it with ease.

Russell Westbrook of the Lakers can’t go wrong, at least in terms of fashion. Every outfit is a statement, from a pearl beaded shirt to a white skirt to a fabulous silk ascot. I’m not sure there is a more fashionable man. Westbrook plays with color in a very unexpected way and I love the variety of his style. Go from soft boy jumpsuits to yacht dad to streetwear in every Instagram post. Westbrook also has its own clothing line, Honor The Gift, basic pieces with fun graphics and colors. For anyone looking to explore their own style, Westbrook’s incredible range offers inspiration for any aesthetic.


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