The Weeknd Transforms Into Old Man on New Album Cover

Looking at the future? The weekend unveiled a dramatic new transformation on the cover of his latest album, Alba FM, transforming into the previous version of himself.

“Album Cover // Pre-Rescue,” the 31-year-old artist captioned a post Tuesday, Jan.4, where he can be seen with graying hair, wrinkles, and age spots.

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Fans responded in the comments on the cover of his new album with a joke, “This should show us how long we’ve been waiting Alba FM? ”

Meanwhile, another speculated: “Basically what he’s telling us is that he’s getting too old for this musical life and that he feels like he’s under pressure to make music now because fans want him more than ever.”

The “I Feel It Coming” artist (real name: Abel Tesfaye) first teased that this new album was around the corner on New Year’s Day, sharing a screenshot of a text message about his music. never heard before.

“Everything looks chaotic again,” he wrote in the message shared on his Instagram. “Music can heal and that seems more important than releasing another album. Let’s forget everything and enjoy it with people “.

The Weeknd also surprised fans with a teaser clip ending with a radio voiceover ahead of her album’s release on Friday, January 7.

“You’re listening to 103.5: Dawn FM,” said the voice. “You have been in the dark for too long. It is time to step into the light and accept your destiny with open arms. “

A dramatic transformation in the name of music has become The Weeknd’s signature move, especially following his intermission performance of the 2021 Super Bowl after his appearance at the 2020 American Music Awards, during which his head was entirely covered in bandages. .

A new face The Weeknd shows the latest transformation before the release of the album
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“The significance of all head bandages is reflecting on Hollywood’s absurd celebrity culture and people who manipulate themselves for superficial reasons to please and be validated,” he said. Variety about the meaning of her new look at that time. “It’s all progression and we watch The Character’s storyline reach higher levels of danger and nonsense as its story unfolds.”

In January 2021, the Toronto native debuted another extreme look for his “Save Your Tears” music video, making it look like he had undergone plastic surgery. It was later revealed that it was CGI and prosthetics courtesy of Prosthetic Renaissance, a special effects makeup studio specializing in transformations.

Prior to his new release, Weeknd’s online store features his album cover showing him as an old man, but also includes two alternative covers for Alba FM, described as Collector’s 01 and Collector’s 02 editions.

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