The Sun Shades the Truth – Bill’s Weekly Column

The Florida Sun-Sentinel is a troubled newspaper serving Broward and Palm Beach Counties. In December, the paper dishonestly treated the Trump / O’Reilly History show by reporting that an abundance of seats in the Fort Lauderdale arena remained unsold. The truth is that the show grossed two million dollars worth of tickets sold, a reality that somehow went unnoticed by the newspaper that tried to denigrate the tour in every possible way.

In fact, the crowd was so large that the secret services were taken by surprise, causing people to be delayed in entering the building. The Sun-Sentinel used this opportunity to take pictures of empty seats that would eventually be occupied.

Hence, this is a bad trade that needs to be looked into. And I did. The paper is extremely liberal, despises Donald Trump and regularly supports the ideology of the radical left.

Recently, the Sun-Sentinel hammered out Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for banning the teaching of critical race theory in Florida public schools. The newspaper accused DeSantis and the entire Republican Party of perpetuating the idea “that racism has not had a major influence on American history and that it is not a problem now.”

It’s an indictment rather, but I can’t find any statement Governor DeSantis ever made that comes close to the Sun-Sentinel indictment. Maybe the newspaper can print a backup to instruct me.

Do not count on it.

Again, the truth is that in addition to covering high school football games, this so-called newspaper is in business to help the progressive cause. So, admit it Sun-Sentinel folks! Tell the truth: it will set you free, so to speak.

If you doubt what I am reporting, here is an elegant quote the newspaper published in support of the critical race theory: “Racism in the United States is the ordinary experience of people of color. It often takes the form of verbal or behavioral that can be subtle and even unconscious. “

And who is promoting that “ordinary experience?” Well, it should be whites, including small children, right? I mean, who else could do it?

Of course, even if it is “unconscious”, evil racism should be put in the backpacks of seven-year-olds by “awakened” teachers who have graduated from witch hunts, right Sun-Sentinel?

By all means, we do teach CRT in schools – this will surely foster racial harmony among students, right Sun-Sentinel?

Desperately wrong. Identifying white skin with historical and contemporary evil crushes childhood while promoting confusion and division in undeveloped minds. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

When idiocy is combined with dishonesty, malevolence appears and this horrible Sun-Sentinel newspaper is likely to fall apart soon.

It can’t be soon enough.

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