The Steal – Bill’s Message of the Day

It was always wrong. But no one has been able to explain exactly how the votes were corrupted in the 2020 presidential election. Trump lawyers like Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell have gone around condemning voting machines and making shady allegations of fraud. But they could never produce forensic evidence of wrongdoing – and both have suffered greatly for their defense.

Attorney General William Barr has publicly stated that election fraud has been committed. Then he disappeared. To this day, President Trump has gone mad for the vote. But he and his supporters were on the wrong track.

I, your humble correspondent, have carefully observed the evolution of the situation. Corruption in districts like Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia isn’t exactly unknown, is it?

But, again, no hard evidence emerged and I reported it accurately.

Now, a terrible picture is beginning to emerge and the zero point is Silicon Valley, California.

That’s where Mark Zuckerberg lives. Apparently the Facebook boss had a huge financial stake in the Trump / Biden race for the White House. How wide? Well, how about $ 420 million dollars.

According to a series of reports that have not been disproved, Zuckerberg donated that colossal sum of money to a couple of “non-party”, tax-free political operations: the Center for Technology and Civic Life and the Center for Electoral Innovation. and Research.

It turns out that these two “centers” are as nonpartisan as Nancy Pelosi.

Journalist Mollie Hemingway, who works for Heritage, investigated Zuckerberg’s situation and called her a “genius”.

Here’s how it worked.

  • Voting navigators have been paid well to clog the mostly poor neighborhoods that traditionally vote for Democrats. Often, these electoral mercenaries entered the houses of the voters.
  • While it is a crime in all 50 states to “run for election” in the polling stations you enter and vote, it is not a criminal activity for a third party to interfere with a postal ballot. This is the vital loophole.
  • Thousands of surfers flooded Democratic districts in Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia, all of which are close by between Biden and Trump.
  • The surfers “assist” the voters in filling out the ballots and, at times, “heal” the mistakes. This means that they fixed the cards so they weren’t ejected.
  • Sometimes the hired political hit men would take the real ballots from the people and carry them to the polling stations. This is called “bundling”.

The result was a much higher vote count for Joe Biden, as citizens who rarely participate in elections did so with mentoring.

So, now we know why the left loves mail-order voting so much. They can be easily manipulated with guys like Zuckerberg donating money to make it happen.

By the way, Marky Mark didn’t break any laws. What he did was perfectly legal and if states don’t crack down on this colossal scam, it will happen again in 2024.

Donald Trump lost some of the aforementioned states with extremely small margins. So, this is an extremely important story.

But chances are you won’t see it in the network news because there’s the fix as well. A situation of this magnitude should be on the front page, on TV, for days.

This will not happen and “the theft” may very well continue next time. This is our democracy.

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