The Price Is Right Secrets That Will Leave You Jumping For Joy

14. With competitor favorite Plinko, named, as you can imagine, for the “plink, plink, plink” sounds that the chips make when they fall, players can win up to $ 25,000. But the chips can be just as valuable, with CBS revealing that there are only 10 Plinko chips being created and they are considered special enough to be locked away after each use.

15. And according to one redditor, one person really got lucky in the draw when they happened to be playing right after it was used for an ad, an invisible fishing line inserted so that the chip would be directed towards the $ 10,000 slot. After the contestant won $ 30,000 (“Everybody’s screaming, Drew is literally jumping up and down,” the redditor recalled), a producer ran away just as he dropped his fourth chip “and slams his hand into the token. as it falls, “the witness wrote. Realizing the incident, the producers turned the segment around, but Plinko’s player still pocketed his $ 30,000, plus the extra $ 3,000 he won in the makeover.

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