The new high fashion workout — and four more trends to know | Style

Aif you are still paying the Peloton mortgage from 2020, take your eyes off now. Technogym launches with Dior a set of training equipment, which includes treadmill, bench and “wellness ball”. Now this is one way to maintain a fitness resolution … Soon available in Dior boutiques

After watching the big BBC new year drama The tourist last night, we found out that, to our surprise, it wasn’t Jamie Dornan or even PolicyWe were still thinking about Shalom Brune-Franklin after the credits. It was Danielle Macdonald, aka oppressed probation officer Helen Chambers (bottom right), who stole the show in the new six-part thriller about outback amnesia. Unappreciated by her husband, struggling with her body image and neglected at work, Helen is

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