The Most Jaw-Dropping Succession Season 3 Insults

We have it, Succession Season 3 may be the most exhilarating and wildest ever.

So, we’re sad to see HBO’s hit wrap up its third season tonight, December 12th. So, as we head towards the finale, let’s look back at the best insults and blows the Roys have thrown at each other this season. For those who need a refresher, this chapter of Succession started with son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and father Logan (Brian Cox) once again at the throat of the other.

This civil war came about thanks to the decision to double-cross Kendall at the end of the second season, where she exposed her father for learning of misconduct and other wrongdoing in the company. And while Logan wanted Kendall to “fk off” this season, the former heir has mostly refused to back down, offering plenty of opportunities for family quarrels. (Though a recent confrontation left us worried about Kendall, but we’re digressing.)

One of our personal favorite burns occurred in the fourth episode, “Lion in the Meadow,” in which Kendall and Logan were forced to reunite to appease a panicked shareholder, played by the brilliant Adrien Brody. While on a hike with the well-dressed shareholder, Logan had a health crisis, but Kendall seemed to be focusing only on business.

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