The Moment I Realized I Was Actually a Miranda from SATC

Much like Miranda in that Season 3 scene, I once found myself frustrated by a friend’s constant mistake with an ex-junkie. It had been years of uninterrupted and off-again behavior and I couldn’t hear about it anymore. So, I chose to rattle off all the red flags the suitor had shown in their upside-down relationship.

And, as if I were channeling the red-haired lawyer himself, I presented my argument fiercely and aloud, much to my friend’s contempt. In hindsight, I should have kept my opinions to myself and let my friend have her romantic journey. Yet, at the time, I thought I was a loyal friend by giving her some hard love.

It was after this meeting that I had my revelation Miranda, which showed me the severely criticized character in a new light. No, Miranda is not perfect, but she is a pit bull to her friends, witty, far-sighted and herself without excuses.

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