The Mom Drama Is Heating Up on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution

Mother’s drama.

The two contestants vying for a seat in Jessalynn And JoJo Siwathe new kid pop group is definitely stressed about being knocked out of Siwas Dance Pop Revolution, but I’m not panicking yet.

However, the same cannot be said for their moms.

As shown in this snippet from last night’s brand new episode, there were several girls at risk of returning home after the group’s last performance, including Kinley And Tinie T.

“I don’t think you put much effort into this,” Jessalynn told the latter. “You haven’t given me anything super memorable or super special and you’re too special a child to do that.”

Tinie T seemed to accept the criticism calmly, but her mother Diana she quickly came to his defense, explaining that Tinie “really, really” practiced this week and even attempted to bring a new, calmer approach.

“I understand that ‘calm’ is special to you, unconventional to you,” Jessalynn replied, “but it was too simple for me.”

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